4 Typical Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Kitchen Renovation

“Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Then, there are few things that can go wrong.”

A dysfunctional layout, poor ventilation, poor quality materials, or lack of storage space for all your kitchen utensils and ingredients- there can be several things that can wrong with your kitchen remodeling. Therefore, it is quintessential to clear your head and plan the renovation properly. Make a list of all the changes you want and all the upgrades you need in order to make your kitchens more functional, practical, and aesthetically appealing.

In order to save you from all the trouble, here we have jotted down a few things that can go wrong in your kitchen renovation. Take a look and steer clear of them.

4 Typical Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Kitchen Renovation

Forgetting the Triangle Rule

If you are designing your own kitchen, then you should be aware of the “golden triangle” rule for the kitchen layout.  This layout basically entails an equal distance between the oven, sink, and refrigerator, forming a triangle, thereby making your work in the kitchen easier. So, if you don’t pay attention to this rule while planning your kitchen remodeling, then it can make your work process slower and inefficient. If either of them is placed in a wrong position, then you might be running around here and there to finish simple tasks and even block spaces, which will further make your kitchen dysfunctional.

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Neglecting the Budget Factor

Budget is the core of every home improvement project. So, if you neglect the budget factor while planning a kitchen remodeling, it can land you in a soup. If you have a shortage of funds and order a number of new kitchen appliances and consider a lavish kitchen interior décor, then it can definitely backfire. You might even be in debt for your kitchen remodeling plan. Hence, instead of facing such an embarrassing and difficult predicament, save money and plan a budget before investing in renovation plans.

Choosing Elements That Don’t Match

Were you so excited about the renovation plan that you purchased everything you got under the sun for the kitchen? So, you might have a white kitchen cabinet, some printed wallpapers, a black granite countertop, and industrial style lighting fixtures. Now, these things certainly don’t match each other and sound like different snippets of different interiors. So, the next thing that can go wrong is not considering what sort of things will match your interior. First, you must plan the style. For instance, if you plan a traditional, antique kitchen, then go for white cabinetry, a marble countertop, and a neutral color palette for wallpaper, upholstery etc. Only then will you get cohesiveness in your interior.

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Taking Wrong or No Measurements at All

Have you ordered customized kitchen cabinetry? Did you take measurements before ordering your cabinets? If not, then this is a huge blunder. Imagine if your cabinets don’t fit the cupboard space, then what a wastage of time, money, and effort it will be! You should always order your cabinets after taking measurements of your layout and the space available for kitchen cabinets.

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So, now that you are aware of the typical things that can go wrong in your kitchen remodeling, it is better to learn from the above examples and take necessary precautions. It is always better to resort to a service that can provide you with kitchen remodeling service.

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