Importance Of Maintaining Car Tyres

Your car is one of the most expensive possessions you may have. Hence, it is crucial to maintaining it properly. Most of us take our cars to the service stations at regular intervals to ensure its perfect functioning. However, with the hectic life of today, we hardly get concerned about checking or examining the internal parts of our precious vehicle. We forget one of the most important parts of our car, the tyres. Tyres are the only and the most of important medium between your vehicle and the road. If they are not functioning well, your vehicle mobility is adversely affected. Therefore, it is crucial that just like examining other parts of the car, you should be careful about check your tyres at regular intervals.

Tyres play the most vital role in the performance of your vehicle, apart from other important and inevitable things. Let us take a look at how you should be taking care of your car tyres.

Importance Of Maintaining Car Tyres

Change Tyres At The Right Time

The ideal time to change your old tyres and replace them with the new ones is 6-10 years. However, you can ideally change them after 6 years. The time period of 10 years is the maximum time you should keep your old tyres. However, there are lots of factors affecting the changing your tyres apart from the period. For example, the wear and tear of tyres depend on several factors like driving style, a total number of kilometers driven, weather conditions in the region etc.

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Manufacturers feed car tyres an anti-oxidizing chemical compound to increase their life. The chemical fed in the tyres reduces the usual aging process of the untreated rubber. However, the tyres deteriorate over a span of time and age, which invites danger of tyre malfunction. However, there several ways through which you can notice the wearing of the tyres such as cracking or bulging marks on the side walls of the tyre, deformation of tyre tread grooves and distortion in the overall carcass of the tyre. There is a tread wear indicator, which is always helpful in the situations where you cannot decide upon changing the tyre.

Examine The Size of The Wheel Bolts

The wheel bolts are generally, provided by your vehicle manufacturer. However, it is important that you assure that their sizes are not too short or too long. In both these cases, it can be dangerous. If they are short, the wheels are likely to pop out, and if they are too long, they might harm the suspension of the car. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the size of the wheel bolts and have the ideal sized ones.

Importance of Tyre Rotation

Ideally, tyre rotation is recommended after every 5000 kilometers or in the case of any uneven wear of the tyre positions. The tyre rotation determines that all the tyres get an equal chance of road exposure. Therefore, tyre rotating is very important at regular intervals to ensure all of them wear evenly and none of them is under or over-worked.

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Always Drive Smoothly

Often, knowingly, or unknowingly, you may drive harsh and when you spot a hazard on the road, you try to stop the car immediately by applying the emergency brakes. Even though the car stops, but the entire pressure goes on the tyres, which eventually, causes their premature wear. Rough braking directly affects the life of your tyres. Therefore, you should avoid rash driving, which will ultimately reduce the forceful braking of the car. Try to maintain the neutral speed, so that your tyres do not feel the sudden and unwanted pressure.

Be Careful in The Rainy Season

Monsoon is one of the most challenging seasons when it comes to driving. It is because it is in this season, every part of your vehicle gets affected a little more than in the normal circumstances. When we talk about the parts of the car, the most visibly affected part is its tyres. They are more prone to premature wear and tear due to the heavily waterlogged roads or streets. However, a smooth driving and good treads can lessen the threat to your tyres.

Another best way to deal with hydroplaning is to replace the old tyres. As a result, the new tread will allow more water to channel through the grooves of the tyre.

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Check The Air Pressure

There should be a regular check on the pressure of the tyres to prevent punctures and sudden bursting. To increase the life of the tyres and prevent the threats, it is necessary to keep the air pressure at the optimum levels or the ones recommended by the manufacturers.

Check The Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is one of the essential parts of a regular car maintenance. It is a process wherein the wheels are tested for their perfect alignment. The manufacturer recommends certain points of adjustments of the tyres to increase their life. Ideally, wheel alignment should be checked after every 5000 kilometers.

Thus, tyres play a vital role in the mobility of your car and therefore, they should be accurately maintained, taking every bit of precaution needed to take.

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