4 Ultimate Butt Toners – 30 Minutes Daily For Perfect Booty Naturally

For women, booty is the most important body part that gains the attention of everyone!

Listed below are the exercises that help can you in toning your glute muscles while making all go bananas on your booty!

Dumbbell Squats – Do it with Weight

The simplest way of kicking off your a speedy workout are little but powerful squats. With progression of sets, try increasing reps and add weight to your dumbbells for more intensity. You may try various squat variation for diffrent taste.

First, your legs should be shoulder-width apart and start by holding 8- to 10-pound dumbbells in both hands. Now squat down as if you are going to sit on a chair, by keeping your weights over your heels. Do not forget to squeeze your glutes as you return to the position where you started. Try Doing around 15-20 repetitions and as you continue, try keeping your weight on your heels. In case, you are in a mood of increasing difficulty level, you can try doing the exercise without weights and jumping in an explosive manner while landing in the same squat position.

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4 Ultimate Butt Toners – 30 Minutes Daily For Perfect Booty Naturally

Explosive Lunges – Get Balanced

Name is enough to let you know about its nature. This one is a real buster!

Explosive Lunges are a  great exercise when it comes to stretching your glute muscles and testing your balance, coordination, and patience.

Start with putting your hands on your hips and standing with your feet together. Continue to lunging forward, with your right leg. Jump as high as you can while switching your legs in mid-air. This means you have to land while lunging with your left leg. Continue doing these lunges, alternating legs, for around 60 seconds.

NOTE: Your knee (front) ought to be bent at 90 degrees while aligning over your ankle. Here is how to do it perectly.

Plie – Sit-Ups with Style

It is as simple as it sounds! However, this one is a champion as far toning your hips are concerned.

Start by standing at feet distance a little wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes should be pointing out. Continue by bringing your arms in front of you at shoulder level. Now Lower yourself into a squatting position. Come back to the starting position and repeat the same sequence.You need to go down as much as you can. Moreover, do not let your back come in an arching position while keeping your torso as upright as possible. Continue for one minute.

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Note: Try keeping your weights on your heels. Also must know that how much do you need to expercise for getting bigger butt fast.

Single-Leg Front Raises – Get Flexibility

A solid thigh stretch! Glute tightening! Balance! This exercise comes up with a multiple-package as far as benefits are concerned. Moreover, you would require less coordination.

At the First step, your legs should be hip-width apart while holding a five-pound dumbbell in each hand.  Try bending your right leg and raising it about three inches off the floor. Continue by extending both of your arms straight at chest height with your arms facing down. Now raise your arm(left) above the head and hold for counts of three and return to the chest height.

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Try continuing the exercise until you have completed 8 in total, i.e. four repetitions on each arm. Now it’s the time to switch legs; that is doing four more repetitions standing on your right leg.

Here are more butt expercises that will help you to get bigger butt fast in 2 to 4 weeks.

Let’s get working to Enhance your Glute Naturally!

Robin T