Healthy Snack Options

Intake of dried fruitis on the rise as people are searching for ways to keep healthy by snacking on dried fruits instead of baked or fried finger foods. Hence, consumption of fruits has always been linked to enhanced health due to the fact that it offers a multitude of necessary vitamins, minerals and fibres for healthy bodies.  Several companies are now in the process entering the Australian market by offering several types of dried fruits.  The Naked Food Organic Health Foods have opened up a health food store Sydney to cater to the health needs of the community there.

We have with us a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, grains, cereals, chocolate and tea, muesli, nuts, seeds, and gluten free products, to be offered to health conscious citizens in Australia.  We make it our business to interact closely with our farmers and growers, to ensure that all the products are ecologically grown and dried without the addition of sugar, preservatives or flavouring and in keeping with regulatinos for ecological growing.Hence, we can assure our customers that our stock is absolutely healthy, free of contamination and fit for human consumption.

Healthy Snack Options

Dried Fruits

Our range of dried organic fruits are apricots, cranberries, pitted and mejdool dates, Inca berries, figs, gojiberries, papaya, bananas, sultanas, raisins, cherries, prunes etc. to name a few. These fruits really good and ideal for the health conscious individualscan have an assorted cup or two, or a plate of dried fruits for breakfast or even as a snack during the course of day to appease the pangs of hunger.  The nutritional value and flavour of the fruits are preserved during the drying process to ensure the it is beneficial to the consumer.

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Dried Mejdool Dates

The Mejdool dates are a vital source of nutritive fibre, controls blood pressure, is an outstanding source of vitamin B, full of potassium, magnesium and iron and an instant energy booster. It is a really advantageous source of health and consumption would definitely help to improve the health of your body, whilst giving essential nutrients requied for a healthy and vigorous body.

Varieties of Nuts

Our store stocks a large variety of nuts, seeds and grains that are really good for people who want to maintain their health.  These seeds are ecologically grown and dried, without any additives, dried in conformity to the highest regulations to ensure that the natural nutritive contents are preserved, ready to eat.

We have two stores located in sanitary and central spots and have an all-inclusive range and an abundance of stock, which could be obtained  by weight or wholesale.The array we have is tremendous, more than five hundred types of dried ingredients in stock, out of which about two hundred and fifty items are organic food stuff, and over six hundred types of nuts.Some of these items could be used as ingredients in the preparation of cakes and sweets.We also have with us an array of spices, and wide range of exotic food and jams as well.

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The nutritional value of these items is immense. Some contain vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates, while others help in maintainingsugar levels, reduce hypertension, cholesterol, strokes, urinary infections and so on. Hence, people should inculcate the habit of consuming dried organic fruits and nuts in a bid to maintain healthy bodies. Some dried fruits acts as energy boosters to hikers as well as runners. So hikers and runners,be sure to obtain them prior to commencing your exercise, so that you will have a boost of energy at the end of the event.

Any customer visiting our store will be amazed and puzzled by the wide variety of items to be selected from.  Our in-house nutritionist will be ever ready to assist and advise customers who wish to find out about the nutritional value of items prior to purchasing the same from us.

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Providing and developing organic food stuff has become a desire with our owner, who used to watch his grandmother use home grown items.  Hence, his craving to provide organic food to the public made him open the two stores in Sydney, to enable the people to obtain their requirements from our store.

If you are living in Sydney or visiting, please make a beeline to Naked Foodsin order to obtain your requirement of healthy organic food.

Christina M