4 Warning Signs That Your Teen Needs Rehab Help

Being a parent of a young kid is no easy job. As a responsible parent or guardian you should be worried about your kids no matter what happens, and help to raise them making good decisions in life. However, children will always be children. Adolescence is an age where young kids think differently and they don’t have any control over their brains and most kids experiment with alcohol and drugs in this age. Sometimes, it’s quite frightening for parents to imagine where their kid will be already out of control, growing so fast, might be consuming alcohol and drugs.

4 Warning Signs That Your Teen Needs Rehab Help

Drug and alcohol consumption in children can cause complications throughout the rest of their lives. Being a parent it’s imperative to understand the dangerous signs of alcohol and drug abuse and take necessary steps to address it.  Here is a list of four warning signs that your kid needs rehab help.


This is an obvious sign that indicates your child needs to go to a rehabilitation center. Drugs and alcohol use can change a person’s eating habits that can result in a dramatic and sudden weight gain or loss. The person consuming drug or alcohol also appear dirty, unhygienic, typically unkempt and take less pride in the overall appearance. Withdrawal and hangovers symptoms in your child can also cause behavioral changes and mood swings, that sometimes can go beyond normal levels.


Another big sign to look out for the sudden shift in who your kid spends most of his/her time with. If you notice that your child is spending less time with her/her normal peer grip or friends, and suddenly hanging out with unknown people, it could be a clear indicator that they are doing something new and risky as well.


Alcohol and drugs are the biggest reasons behind the decline in academic performance and slipping grades. If your kid has once performed really well in school, he/she may show signs of low academic performance.  Poor grades failed an examination, and not willing to go school can all be the indication of a larger issue. Also, if your kid misses the classes or skip the school, and spending most of the time with others who also skip the school, there is a chance your child may be engaged in risky and dangerous behaviors.


Very similar to losing interest in old peer group and friends, lost interest in favorite hobbies and activities can also indicate the troubling situation. Discarding interest or favorite hobbies, quitting sports clubs or team clearly means that your kid is secretly making room for different activities, these activities can be alcohol and drug abuse.

If your young child exhibits any of the above signs of drug addiction, use or abuse, it’s crucial to take them to the rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

Olivia Rs