Buying An Electric Wheelchair: A Few Important Things To Consider

Electric wheelchairs are primarily designed for its occupants who lack the upper body strength to move a manual wheelchair.  With so many models and the full range of choices of power (or electric) wheelchairs available both online and offline, it’s quite daunting to focus choosing a wheelchair that has all the required features for the occupant’s needs. These days you can even get the wheelchair on sales. This essential equipment helps them move around easily and experience some freedom or independence despite the everyday challenges faced by them. So choosing the right kind electric wheelchair is crucial for an individual, and if you have a loved one in your family who is physically disabled, you should provide them the best possible electric wheelchair you get.

With the advanced technology, it’s quite a relief as you can choose from a wide variety of power wheelchairs depending on a few factors and even have it customized based on the comfort and need of the individual. Here is a list of a couple of factors to consider when buying an electric wheelchair.

Buying An Electric Wheelchair: A Few Important Things To Consider


Before buying a power wheelchair, it’s important to know what kind of disability does the user who will use the power wheelchair have? Is the user going to use the wheelchair for a short period like only for the recovery period or for a long time? Consult with your doctor or a physiologist to buy the right wheelchair.


Age of the user is another important factor you should consider before buying an electric wheelchair. Is the user an adult or a kid?  The age factor is relevant to get the right size of the wheelchair.


Speed is one of the essential factors to consider while rentals an electric wheelchair, especially if you are planning on to travel long distances. If you want maximum speed, then consider getting a rear-drive electric wheelchair.  Rear wheels provide the power that allows for the maximum speed of up to 8.5 mph. Many models provide maximum speed limit.


For active users, portability is the key. Portable power wheelchairs are easily foldable for easy carrying in your vehicle. Nowadays there are travel wheelchairs that available in the market, which can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled without any hassles.


Take a look at whether the wheels of the wheelchair are located in the front, back or middle of it. As already stated above, rear wheel drive chairs provides higher speed, but the mid wheels are considered to be maneuverable. In general, wheels are another critical factor that should not be overlooked while buying a power wheelchair.

No matter which power wheelchair you choose, but by considering the above-given factors you will be happy with the quality and mobility of life it provides to you or your loved one.

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