4 Ways to Keep Large Rooms Cool This Summer

Sometimes it can feel as though there are only so many ways to cool off the larger rooms in your home each summer. However, there are a few hints listed here that can keep those bigger spaces cool and comfortable if the air conditioning isn’t taking care of the job. Take a look: 

Replace Older Lightbulbs 

If you are unsure of where excess heat may be escaping from, take an inventory of how many incandescent light bulbs you are currently using. While many people stopped buying them years ago, they are still around here and there. Unfortunately, they guzzle energy and throw off a lot of heat, so it’s best to replace them with LEDs. 

Block Incoming Heat 

Prevent heat from entering your rooms by shading windows with large, potted plants, awnings, blinds, or light-blocking shades and curtains. Proper insulation also keeps cool air in just as easily as keeping cold air out in the winter. 

You can even be proactive and plant trees outdoors that will eventually cast long shadows over your home. Best of all, the sun can still sneak through in the winter when the leaves fall. 

Modify Ceiling Fans 

Do you realize that there are actually times when a ceiling fan does nothing more than whip hot air around a large room, actually causing it to feel even more stuffy? That is because it is probably moving clockwise, which is detrimental to its purpose! 

If you readjust your fans so they move counter-clockwise in warmer weather, it will work with your air conditioner to push cool air downward. This works best if you put it on a high setting. Just don’t forget to switch it up before the weather gets colder in the fall. 

Check on Your Air Conditioner 

If your air conditioner is not doing an adequate job cooling off a bigger room, it may not be running at its full capacity. You may need to get the unit checked by a qualified HVAC specialist. Just remember, investing in air conditioning repair and maintenance means that your unit will last longer and cost you much less than having to replace the whole system in the future. So, be sure to always keep it in tip-top shape. 

In conclusion, it is important to keep all rooms, especially the bigger ones that are usually used for bedrooms, living rooms, and storage, free from excess heat and humidity. These hints should help you keep these spaces cooler and cozier as the summer months soon roll around.