Basic Equipment You Should Have on Hand for Your Welding Company

Here’s a checklist of essential welding equipment to ensure you’ve got what you need for all sorts of projects, whether you’re doing small jobs at home or large jobs for your business. Keep this list handy because everyone will be happier if your project runs smoothly and all the right supplies are on-hand.

Auto-Darkening Helmets

One of the essential parts of an auto-darkening welding helmet is the lens. A lens protects the welder’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. It’s necessary to inspect the lens regularly and replace it when damaged. Auto-darkening welding helmets can be tested by striking the lens with a torch. If the lens does not darken immediately, a welder should adjust the setting in his welding helmet.

Welding Gloves

When starting a welding company, there are many different pieces of equipment you should have on hand. You’ll need welding gloves, which should be the correct size. You shouldn’t wear gloves that are too small or too big; either one will affect your grip. Choose a brand that you prefer. Generally, parts that need welding are not the smoothest, so the gloves may tear or suffer rips. And unlike with other types of clothing, you can’t simply buy new gloves when they pull.

C Clamps

Many pieces of welding equipment are essential for welding jobs. Clamps, for example, are necessary for holding pieces of metal together while welding. Clamps can be purchased for as little as $15 from a less expensive brand. There are also many different types of clamps, from the simple c-clamp to the fancy style that cradles the workpiece tightly. Regardless of how complicated the project is, you’ll need enough clamps for each job.

MIG/TIG Welder Extension Cord

You may need a heavy-duty MIG/TIG welder extension cable handling any heavy-duty orbital welding equipment. An extension cord is a vital tool for welding, as it allows you to take your welder wherever you need to work. In addition to the portability of a welder power cord, it also ensures your company’s safety by providing a secure source of electricity for your welder.


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Overall, running a good welding service is very difficult without the proper equipment. It can be hard to tell if certain practices are costing your welding business because you’re so used to doing things in a certain way that it may not seem unusual. It’s also easy to forget about specific areas of your business and what role each plays in the grand scheme of things. Do yourself a favor and double-check all equipment on this list at least once a year—to ensure that everything is working correctly and that you aren’t overlooking more problems—and more costs.