4 Ways Your Restaurant Design Can Keep Patrons Healthier

When it comes to constructing your business around your customers, you may take the menu, servers, and other aspects into consideration. However, one factor that is commonly overlooked is the restaurant design. Here are four specific ways that your restaurant design can impact the health of your customers.

4 Ways Your Restaurant Design Can Keep Patrons Healthier


You want to give your patrons space so they don’t feel cramped next to other patrons. A good rule of thumb is to have about 20 square feet per person at a fine dining restaurant. Working down from fine dining, fast food restaurants typically allow about 10 square feet per person. The concept here is that customers are more likely to relax and enjoy their experience when they feel as if they have room to breathe.

Choose Easy to Maintain Materials

We’ve all been in one of those restaurants where you’ve questioned the last time they’ve cleaned the establishment was. You can do your patrons and your cleaning staff a favor by simply using decor materials that are easy to maintain. Restaurant ceiling tiles are an easy to maintain material that can ensure your staff properly cleans your restaurant while making a stylish statement to your guests.

Lighting Affects Wellbeing

Lighting plays a big role in how your patrons feel and act while in your establishment. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, different lighting techniques can get you there. Dim lighting is great for restaurants where you want to promote relaxation and encourage your guests to linger. If your restaurant is more focused on mid-day servings, then opt for brighter, natural lights that promote energy.

Color Alters Mood

One great way to put your customers in a healthy and happy mood is to choose interior colors that affect their mood. For example, having a large amount of green-colored interior will inspire customers to choose healthier meals on your menu. Darker, earthier hues can allow for the feeling of warmth and relaxation. Choosing your interior restaurant colors can greatly affect your consumers.

The interior design of your restaurant can have a huge impact on the health and well-being of your customers. By setting the right mood and promoting relaxation, you can ensure that your customers make healthy food choices and alleviate pent-up stress. The above are just four easy ways to alter the health of your patrons. As you begin to implement these tricks, we’re sure you’ll find yourself coming up with more and more ways to make your customers’ dining experience a memorable one.