5 Bathroom Ideas to Make Sure Your Toilet Doesn’t Overflow

It’s a beautiful day, you have woken up energized and ready to go, only to be met by an overflowing toilet. The sight is messy, and the feeling is disgusting, but what can you do? Toilet overflows are a misfortune that happens when we least expect. Nonetheless, if you implement the following bathroom ideas, you might be saying goodbye to those nasty and avoidable adversities.

5 Bathroom Ideas to Make Sure Your Toilet Doesn't Overflow

Regular Bathroom Repairs

The toilet is part of your bathroom, so when you’re doing a bathroom overhaul, don’t neglect it. Homeowners rarely give toilets the attention they deserve. The toilet takes up the crap nobody would want to be associated with. Its mechanics can fail after months of handling what you flush, so why not get it checked regularly to avoid existing or potential issues?

Get the toilet’s float balls, flapper and chain checked and have it replaced when necessary. These components facilitate the proper flow of what goes to the drainage systems. If you don’t get them checked, overflow issues will be a regular visitor to your household.

Don’t Just Flush Anything

Your toilet handles a lot, but it won’t deal with cat litter, paper towels, and sanitary napkins. If you flush these unbreakable items into your toilet, they may clog the toilet and lead to overflow issues. The only things that should be going into your toilet are human waste, toilet paper, clean ex, and wet wipes that are meant to be flushed. 

Get Sewer and Drain Lines Checked Regularly

The sewer and drain lines transport the waste flushed through your toilet to the target endpoints. If the sewer and drain systems don’t get checked and unclogged frequently, you’re likely to experience toilet backup.

Get Running Toilets Repaired Instantly

You are doing your toilet a favor by getting it repaired frequently. So many issues are bound to occur in your toilet if you don’t get it repaired often, which will affect you directly. Problems with running toilets, unsealing flappers, and overflows are likely to occur if you don’t give your toilet regular care and maintenance. Like other bathroom systems, toilets are a network of components that must cooperate to deliver the expected results. If one of these components breaks, the strain is passed to the next component, leading to reduced efficiency.

Flush Your Toilet with Clean Water

If your water gets disconnected or your household water supply has issues, don’t be tempted to flush your toilets with used water. The results will be clogging and possibly overflows. Therefore, always use water sourced directly from the taps to flush your toilets. Keep your toilet optimally functioning and reduce issues with overflows. You can do that by hiring a qualified plumber to check on and keep your bathroom and toilet in shape.