How to Test and Clean Your Sewer Lines

Sewer systems, with their ability to flush away countless pounds of household and human waste, represent a remarkable innovation. In the past, human civilizations were inundated with their own filth. Nowadays, we take the wonders of modern sanitation for granted. In order for sewers to work properly, however, the pipes and lines need to be properly maintained. Here’s how you can test your sewer lines and clean them if needed.

How to Test and Clean Your Sewer Lines

Test Plugs

Before you can adequately clean your sewer lines, you need to check for clogs and blockages. Test plugs allow you to determine whether there are clogs and where exactly they’re occurring. By intentionally plugging certain pipes, you can run pressure tests to determine whether other pipes are blocked. This reconnaissance will allow you to clean the sewer system in a targeted, efficient way.

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Buy a Snake

With the right equipment, you should have no problem clearing smaller clogs that occur within the home. Snakes and cheap and easy to use, making them standard pieces of equipment for most households. If you don’t have one already, consider making this small investment as soon as possible. It will make it much easier to deal with minor clogs on your own.

Call in a Plumber for Major Clogs

While snakes are sufficient for smaller clogs that are within reach, larger clogs or blockages that occur further down the sewer lines will require the assistance of a professional plumber. Unless you’re an experienced plumber yourself, any DIY tinkering would probably do more harm than good. You’re much better off having an expert over to do the job right.

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Periodically Flush Lines With Water and Drain Cleaner

If you really want to be responsible about your sewer system, you shouldn’t wait until there’s a clog to take action. Preventing problems is always easier than solving them once they develop. Just by flushing your sewer lines with water and small amounts of drain cleaner, you can keep the system clear.

Monthly Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda, a basic ingredient found in most pantries, is also a great substance for keeping drains clean. By flushing some baking soda through your sewer system every month, you can prevent the hassles and costs associated with major clogs.

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Sewer systems do a fantastic job of dealing with waste, but only if they’re properly cleaned and tested. Follow the advice above if you want to maximize your sewer’s performance.