5 Key Elements Of Being A Public/Motivational Speaker

A lot of people take public speaking as an easy job, but, it’s not everyone’s  cup of tea. I am not being rude and I’m not even trying to bring your morale, or your hopes down. Public speaking is tough and it’s certainly not for those who don’t have the required skillset. However, don’t get disappointed, where there is hope there’s glory. So, keep your hopes high because if you aspire to be a motivational/public speaker, it’s not rocket science. The required skillset can be developed over time and you’ll learn to get better with every public appearance.

So, shout out loud if you want to be a public speaker because I’m going to tell you the required elements you must have or acquire to be a good motivational speaker.     

5 Key Elements Of Being A Public/Motivational Speaker

  1. Confidence

“Confidence is the key to success” you must have heard people continuously reminding you of this line on various occasions of your life. The quote is very true when you talk about being a motivational or public speaker.

According to a study conducted by the University of Wolverhampton, the confidence factor of about a motivational/public speaker is often liked by the listeners and they take the speaker to be more accurate and intelligent. The information that they pass on in their speech is believed to be more credible.

It’s okay to be nervous when you’re supposed to speak the truth, but, if you can control your nervousness you’re already halfway across the river.

  1.  Excitement
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Excitement, the one thing that overpowers your nervousness. If you’re truly excited about what you’re doing or going to do, the excitement shows on your face and people or your audience never fail to notice that.

Anxiety is natural when you’re scheduled to face an unknown number of anonymous people. Glossophobia, which is fear of public speaking cause the anxiety. But, the challenge is to take control of your nerves and the simplest way to do this is labeling it as excitement and you’ll be comfortable while addressing your audience.    

  1. Authenticity
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The originality of the information is the most crucial element of public speaking. Just be yourself on the stage when you’re addressing your subjects, don’t memorize things or else you’ll fumble.   

  1. Passion

They say, if you’re not passionate about what you do, you should better leave it. In order to really communicate effectively with your audience by taking control of the mind and heart, you have to have passion in what you do.

  1. Be yourself
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Last but not the least, be yourself while addressing your audience. No speech, no plans, and no nothing will work out if you’re not acting naturally like you’re always.

Olivia Rs