5 Reasons Why You Should Be Thinking About Live Streaming

Have you been hearing a lot about live streaming?

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Thinking About Live Streaming

Live content drives your brand’s online image much further than traditional forms of video channels ever could. With the modern day generation’s attention span being almost 8 seconds (arr…. That’s much lower than a goldfish), how do you plan to sell the story your brand intends to convey to the masses?

We saw a rise of video sharing applications such as Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat capture the global consumer audience’s attention in 2015. As of now, facebook is experimenting with live streaming facilities on its iOS app currently limited for its US customers. Attention being the new currency, does your marketing strategies have this innovative technology in your roadmap?

Here are five reasons you need to be thinking about your live stream video strategies:

1- Fits All Size of Wallets

The streaming industry has caused a massive slump in prices. Due to the advancement of  technical innovation in cameras, network hardware, storage and distribution bandwidth, the industry itself is attempting  to upgrade its infrastructure to help collapse prices and increase usage. When you go live, there is no need of increased costs and time frames for post production as almost everything happens in real time.

2- More Exposure

You can reach a wider target audience with live video streaming. Classes related to training, make live announcements, product information, host conferences or even spread awareness of your brand can be conducted live and reach a huge target of audiences with lesser expenses compared to traditional video production. With online streaming services such as youtube, the sky’s the limits!

3- Share Breaking News

Your customers are more likely to be thrilled with a tweet from the CEO of the brand they love than a well-crafted press release. Major changes, upcoming product launches- a live stream saves time and money and reaches the far-flung places on the planet in record time. Face to face meets with consumers give a humanized face to the brand. Social media tools can be used to further garner feedback and promote your brand and the values you stand for through commercial video production.

4- The Revenue Graph goes up

Live streaming has become much easier since the equipments cost less and the technology has vastly improved. You get to sell merchandise in person and even online! If you are training your employees: live streaming helps in honing their real-time productivity skills as you can keep track of them for the duration of the programme. Besides that, you can charge a fee for physical attendees as well as online attendees if you prefer.

5- They help with Garnering much-needed Feedback

Social media has ensured that live stream events needn’t be a  one way street. Consumers can respond to your video via their social media live or review them later. This helps in garnering feedback which can be helpful to improve your brand and its offerings. For a business, it’s important that consistency remains the key in its events and with the live event you have the capabilities to communicate with your audience and gain valuable information.

Olivia Rs