5 Services A Roofing Professional Should Offer

If asked to list jobs of a roofer, few homeowners can mention at least ten jobs. Roofers are trained to handle projects related to gutters, windows, siding, and the entire roof system. Do not hesitate to call on your local contractor if you want the following five projects completed.

5 Services A Roofing Professional Should Offer

Roof Repairs

When your roof system leaks or the decking is spaced out, contact a professional roofer to do a thorough checkup and handle repairs if necessary. If the roof system has rusted flashing or rotting rafters, you should call on your roofer to have them checked and repaired. The decking is the component of the roof connected to the trusses where shingles are nailed. The flashing is at the edge of the roof from where the chimney bulges.

Installation and Repair of Gutters

The gutter system is a part of the roof system, which works to drain water from the roof to avoid roof damage or leaks caused by floods. It directs water and snowmelt from the roof to the designated ground drainage systems to avoid damaging home footing and walls. If the gutter gets damaged, the effects could be catastrophic, the reason you should contact a professional roofer to assess and fix the problem. If your current gutter system is damaged, you can also hire a roofer to uninstall it and install a new one.

Installation of Windows and Siding

Roofing companies with qualified and experienced personnel also handle the installation of siding and windows. To get the siding and windows installed accurately and maintain the structural soundness of your home, call on a qualified roofer to do the installation work. One thing with roofers is they know which materials suit best for your project.

Roof System Installation

If you just built a new home and the roof is installed, a qualified roofer will not disappoint. It’s their core niche area, and so they understand every nitty-gritty of the roof installation process. They know how to source quality roof materials and do a thorough roof installation job.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Roofers also come in handy when you have emergency roof-related issues. It could be that the roof has been blown away or weakened by heavy storms. It could be a case of gaping holes caused by hail strikes or fallen trees on the roof. These are issues requiring immediate professional care and a qualified roofer will be the best bet.

If you were wondering when to contact a roofer, these are valid reasons to contact your roofer. You want to research the roofer’s experience and expertise to be sure they can handle the project at hand.