Why Companies Have Aptitude Test As Part Of Recruitment

In the current economic world, there are hundreds of companies that are looking for the brightest and best talent there is. This is because each company wants the best people working for them. There are two advantages of having the best working for you – first of all, you will have amazing talent at your disposal to increase your company’s profits. Secondly, when you have the best working for you, it means that the best ones are not working for your competitors. So, you can see why companies want the best.

Why Companies Have Aptitude Test As Part Of Recruitment

To get these best talents, they use certain aptitude test for jobs.

But Why Aptitude Tests?

An aptitude test is defined in general like this – a test designed for the purpose of determining a person’s ability in a particular skill set or knowledge in a particular field. Thus, when a company is using aptitude tests as part of recruitment processes, they are looking for intelligent minds that can solve tough problems in a particular field.

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At times, these aptitude tests are designed such that they meet a level of toughness that does not allow more than 5 percent of the test takers to complete the test in the given time with all the right answers. This is done so that they get a good range of scores which will accurately show who are the deserving candidates and who are the candidates that are not so deserving.

There is a lot of research and testing that goes on before an aptitude test is set to a level of toughness. The same goes when they are deciding the time limit for the test. These parameters of an aptitude test usually depend on the company and what level of expertise they are looking to hire. Companies are very aware that when they are hiring for higher levels of expertise, they need to pay a lot more and hence the aptitude tests become very important in picking the right candidate for the job at hand.

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The Common Aptitude Test

Most technical and analytical companies commonly use an aptitude test that is centred around math. The math aptitude test will check whether the candidates can deal with analytical scenarios and also check several concepts of math like data analysis, data interpretation, probability, decision making etc.

Math is a very central and common thing between several different kinds of jobs. Most engineering and accounting jobs also are math intensive. This means that a common aptitude test that centres around math makes sense.

Obviously, when the level of math being used in the actual job increases, the aptitude tests for these jobs will also be a lot tougher than usual. Some amount of preparation from the candidates may also be required.

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Thus, you have just learnt why companies use aptitude tests as a way to filter out the undeserving candidates from the deserving ones. If you are applying for jobs, you now know that you would need to excel in these tests to stand a chance for the job.