5 Things To Think About When You Redo Your Landscaping This Spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start making landscaping plans for your yard. Lawn work often requires time and money to get the yard looking great for the summer months, and here are five tips to consider in optimizing your home’s outdoor space.

5 Things To Think About When You Redo Your Landscaping This Spring

Grass and Soil Preparation

As the ground begins to thaw, check the soil to ensure it is not too rocky or dry. Also check acidity; a pH of less than 7.0 reveals low acidity, which may provide a healthy balance for certain kinds of grass, but it could pose some challenges for other types of growth. Check the soil recommendations for grass new growth or regrowth you plan to use. Also, if the soil has shifted due to draining issues, you may need to even it out, especially around the home’s foundation, to prevent moisture seepage into the basement.

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Trees and Shrubs

Trees that are dying or contain areas of deadwood may need to be pruned or have branches removed or trimmed. Insect infestations should be addressed when discovered rather than allowing them to expand. Check shrubs for trimming at the right time of year to keep them healthy and neat. Spring is the best time for many plants to replace those in poor condition or to plant new ones. Be sure to include fertilizer and to water them per gardening recommendations.

Flowerbeds and Accent Points

Decide whether you want to create accent spots of color with floral patches around the yard or at strategic points that will attract visual notice, such as the corner of the garage or along the driveway. Design the flowerbeds and accent areas seasonally, so that there are new, vibrant growths periodically to replace those that are fading. Cluster a floral mix of blossoms that will create hotspots of appeal. You may want to install a bird feeder, bird bath, or butterfly bush to attract welcome varieties of wildlife.

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Outbuildings or Construction

Get blueprint designs or kits for outdoor buildings like a garage, shed, or patio so that you will be ready to build when the weather warms up. Buy supplies and materials as well as lining up the laborers who will do the work so the new construction can be completed in a timely manner.

Fencing and Borders

Coordinate the overall lawn design with decorative vinyl or wooden fencing. You might also want to create borders with railroad ties or pavers.

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Landscaping might be your hobby, or you might just want to make the most of your lawn area for fun and entertainment. Start planning now for full outdoor enjoyment this summer.