Various Promotional Items That Are Eco-Friendly and Good Source Of Marketing Strategy

We have exploited the environment to an extent that now people have to buy air purifiers, mineral water, and organic vegetables to stay healthy. No matter how much the government spread awareness, people are lazy to take a step ahead. The biggest contribution to pollution is due to plastic use in various forms. Poor quality of plastic is cheaper and easier to manufacture in different forms.

This plastic ends up in landfill and it takes 1000 years for poor quality plastic to decompose. Therefore these plastics end in soil and water thereby, harming plants, wildlife, and aquatic animals. The biggest manufacturer of plastic is done for stores where plastic bags are given out to carry items. These plastic bags are thrown away by customers after placing items on shelves.

To overcome the plastic issues many stores have started providing paper bags. This is again threatening to nature because for paper manufacture many plants and trees are slaughtered. Thus the best way to save nature is by using recycled bags. Various departmental stores have already started providing promotional tote bags with their brand logo on it. These tote bags are comfortable, useful, and spacious with long handles that can be utilized later for any purpose.

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Custom Earth Promos wholesales various kinds of recycled bags for every occasion and business. The company offers eco-friendly products. In 2009, they started with reusable bags which has now expanded to seed papers used to prepare invitation cards, business cards, etc. lanyards, reusable bottles, jotter, pens, USB drives, straws, umbrellas, etc. The best part of dealing with CEP is that they remove the brokers from any kind of business dealings thereby saving money of their clients.

Different occasions require a different style of bags and other promotional items. Not all events and purposes can be solved with huge tote bags. Here is the list of various promotional items that can be utilized for various purposes –

  • rPET bags are manufactured from plastic materials, majorly plastic bottles. Whether it is a glossy or matte coating, the bag is perfect to gift people in trade shows or to those who’re special clients of yours.
  • Cotton bags are handy and are best for all occasions. Cotton toiletry kits are good promo products in skincare clinics and cosmetic shops.
  • Cooler tote bags help in keeping food and beverages cool this is a good option for picnics, fishing, and long road trips. Encrypt your company’s logo and brand name on it so that whenever people use this cooler bag others would also get a sight of your brand.
  • Clothing is biodegradable and durable than other items. Give out t-shirts of the desired size of your customer for brand marketing with the brand logo on it.
  • Promotional items are mostly used by women of the house, therefore it is good to give out items that suit the kitchen. Kitchen items that are appealing and unique and do not add scrap to the house.
  • Edible items like candies and brownies in small tote bags or wooden baskets also look attractive. They can be a special attraction for kids if you make it more decorative with ribbons and sparkles.
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There are various techniques for attracting customers. You need to be creative to understand prospective customers and also retain your old customers. Keep Mother Earth safe by using safe products.

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