6 Ways To Combat Brittle Bones As You Age

As people age, the bones quickly start to become brittle and weak. This is especially true if people aren’t doing what they should to keep themselves healthy and in shape. Strengthening the bones and body is one of the best ways to combat brittle bones, along with other methods. With difficulty moving and handling tasks, regular pain, and other problems, aging adults should do everything they can to keep their bones strong to avoid these struggles.

6 Ways To Combat Brittle Bones As You Age


Minimally invasive surgeries exist to help repair broken bones. If other options have not worked, then surgery is often the last resort to ensure the body can work as intended. A wrist surgery, for example, requires just one or two small incisions to treat injuries to both bone and soft tissue within the wrist and hand. Minimize scarring occurs with a faster recovery than a more invasive approach.


Certain vitamins and minerals are ideal for bone health. By consuming a diet high in these nutrients, people can keep their bones as healthy as possible, even prolonging the aging process. Protein is essential, especially for those who have suffered a break or fracture and need to heal. Calcium and magnesium are also important. Eating foods rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin C will help with calcium absorption and bone growth.

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Some people do not get all the nutrients they need for strong bones from diet alone. Perhaps they have a particular allergy or simply do not like to drink milk often. Supplements help tremendously to ensure individuals are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to keep bones strong. Taking a bone health, bone strength, or bone restore vitamin can help considerably.


Individuals who already have brittle bones may find it difficult to exercise. With a weakened body and regular pain, working out is often the last thing on people’s minds. However, exercise is essential to bone health and repairing the accumulated damage to bones over the years. A low-impact workout, such as one done in the water, will help tremendously. The buoyancy of the water will lessen the impact on the joints and allow people to work out their bodies in a beneficial way.

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Improving Home Safety

Another way to combat brittle bones is to improve safety within the home. If older adults know they struggle with weakened bones and bodies, then they should do what they can to keep themselves from getting hurt and causing more damage. Bones can break easily during falls, for example, so non-slip mats should be added to the bathroom and kitchen, while rugs that come up easily need to be removed so people aren’t tripping over them. It is also wise to add grab bars in the bathrooms for help getting up and down.

Stop Smoking

Smokers tend to have a lower bone mass overall, which leads to a higher chance of fractures. Women who smoke tend to go through menopause sooner because of the loss of estrogen in their systems. This can cause bone loss in itself. Anyone who smokes and has for years will have even more problems. Smokers should stop now to prevent further damage to their bones.

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The aging process doesn’t have to be debilitating. Though bones become brittle as people age, there are plenty of ways to prevent the problem, as well as combat it once it’s started. Healthy bones and bodies are possible at all ages as long as people work on improving them at all times.

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