Steps To Take Before Selling Your Junked Car

Are you set to market your clunker for cash? 

If you’re planning on scrapping your vehicle, be certain to take on these five responsibilities first.

junked car

1. Remove All your Personal Belongings

Cars can take a whole lot of stuff. From your trunk to the pouches on the trunk of your car seats to the glove container and center system, there are many nooks and crannies where you’ll probably find things. 

And you don’t want to sell us your vehicle and then realize per month later that your next favorite driver was still in the trunk. Or that your daughter’s overdue library book was under the couch.

To ensure these exact things don’t happen, take time to eliminate your vehicle before advertising it. Get everything from the car. Check under the seats, in the trunk and for the reason that glove box. 

Lastly, if your Junk car has a CD player, make sure you remove all your discs. You then won’t lose some of your favorite tunes. 

2. GET A Paperwork to be able

When possible, locate your enrollment and subject for the vehicle. This can make the transferring process easier. 

After you sign within the title, you’re transferring the ownership of the vehicle. Which means you can’t be presented in charge of any future problems with the said vehicle. 

If you don’t have these documents, don’t be concerned. We know that life happens and documents get lost. We also recognize that sometimes there are autos on your premises that contain been there quite a while which you need to get rid of. 

Tear-A-Part will buy vehicles without titles. Give us a call and speak to one in our friendly agencies. They’ll walk you through the buying process, in case you don’t have a title. 

3. Remove Your License Plates

Matching to Utah’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), your license dish stays to you whenever you be rid of an automobile. Even when you sell to a salvage yard, eliminating the license plate is your responsibility. 

To eliminate the license dish, you’ll need to eliminate the screws or bolts positioning it on. Most vehicles will require a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. Some plates are kept on with hex-head bolts. Those will demand a socket placed to remove. 

Once you’ve removed your license dish, you’ll need to get hold of your neighborhood DMV office. They are able to help you copy the plates to another vehicle, or describe how to properly surrender or destroy the plates. 

4. Remove Valuable Components for Resale or Reuse

Have you upgraded your audio system? Is there an aftermarket Gps device installed that’s in great form? 

These components can be valuable. Invest the time to eliminate your improvements and aftermarket parts, you have some options. You can either install these on your brand-new car, provide them with to a pal or relative or sell them. 

Just be sure you don’t remove any part that you described when negotiating the purchase price for your vehicle. Otherwise, which could affect the value of the automobile and change the total amount due for you during the sale. 


There’s no point in paying payments for an automobile you don’t own any further. Knowing you won’t be traveling your vehicle, it’s period to cancel your insurance coverage. 

If you’ve paid for your policy in advance, make sure to require a refund. 

Then, Give Tear-A-Part a Call

Atlgacashforjunkcars pay cash for cars if they’re going. they’re in a position to move quickly and are wanting to use you. Just call them they’ll offer you top dollar for your automobile.

Mel H