7 Must Have Essential Equipment Items In A Commercial Kitchen

If you are interested in investing in a financially viable business with a strong and continuous flow of income stream, you might want to consider running a restaurant. A well structured restaurant can fetch you a lot of bucks daily. But it is equipment intensive. To get your restaurant up and running in order to realize your goal of setting it up, you have to invest in certain basic equipment items which are critical to the smooth operation of the business. Here are 7 must have basic equipment items for a restaurant:

7 Must Have Essential Equipment Items In A Commercial Kitchen

Freezers and refrigerators

Most fresh food ingredients like vegetables, meat and fish are highly perishable. They have to be kept in the refrigerators and freezers always. Other than serving as means of preservation, a refrigerator also help serve drinks and food chill and fresh. Freezers and refrigerators come in different sizes and working capacity. The type with industrial unit makes the perfect choice for a commercial use and will serve for a restaurant and appliances business.

Food preparation tables and counters

Available in sets, different shapes, makes, styles and sizes, preparation cutting surfaces, tables and counters grease the wheels of restaurant design and operation. The stainless steel surfaces makes the perfect pick for commercial use for the fact that it is durable and maintainable. Adding to that, it is corrosion resistant.

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To chop large food items such as meat, fish, cheese and more into pieces or marketable sizes, slicers come in handy. They help achieve accurate precision precision for chopped item. An added advantage of using and cutters slicers is speed– you can make several chunks of an ingredient in few seconds.


Mixers come in handy for blending several ingredients. They are quite effective for mixing baking ingredients. Investing in mixers is worth the shot especially if you are going to be doing some baking. Mixers pay off the price over time.

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Food processors

Food processors are also essential to keeping a commercial kitchen up and running. They help speed up food preparation processes. There are basically three forms of processors suitable for commercial kitchen use: continuous feed, buffalo chopper, batch bowl. A combination of three options is also available.

Batch bowl processors

Batch bowls come in handy for collecting processed food. One-six quartz is the normal size of a batch bowl. Larger sizes are also available. Plastic and stainless steel types of batch bowl processors are also available. Commercial purpose, choose stainless steel type which is more durable.

Buffalo choppers

Buffalo choppers serve the same purpose as slicers but are much more effective for heavy-duty food processing. A buffalo chopper can crush and grind hard ingredients like meat. Some types have dispenser but others don’t. For ease of operation. Choose the type with dispenser.

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