A Few Exciting Ways Of Dressing Up An Otherwise Drab Hallway

Many of us do not give the hallways much importance while decorating our homes. However, hallways are the ones which connect the living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and sometimes kitchen with one another and our guests often needs to pass through it to reach to some other part of our abode. So, if you have been looking for apartments near Konnagar , and have finally found one of your likings, you might need to read this piece before you decide on the decor of your new home.

Also, whether you have a short hallway, a long one, a hallway with a sharp turn or a spacious one in your new home, there are certain ways which you need to know in order to dress them up in a way that can make them look exciting and beautiful.

A Few Exciting Ways Of Dressing Up An Otherwise Drab Hallway

  • Frame it Up with Pictures

You can hang a row of family pictures or even art pieces and mix and match the frame colours to attract the attention of your guests. These picture frames can instantly lift up the mood of your drab hallways. You can even get help from a professional interior designer to learn about the proper placing of the frames on the hallways wall.

  • Place a Colourful Rug
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Rugs can instantly bring in a breath of fresh air in an empty space. So, the next time you visit a home decor shop in the market, buy a colourful rug for the hallway of your new home. You can keep the walls simple and empty and just have the rug do all the talking. It is advisable for you to go for a multicolour rug as solid or mono colour rug can make the hallway look dull!

  • Create a Wooden Cabinetry

If your hallway is a spacious one, you can go for some wooden cabinetry. These looks great and you can keep your extra belongings inside the cabinetry to make your home look neat and clean. Also, you can keep flower pots and vases on top of the cabinetry and hence, this single idea and actually deliver you with double decor results!

  • Go For Some Pendant Lighting
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Most of the hallways inside an apartment don’t have windows. Hence, artificial lighting is a necessity. So, for such hallways, it is better to go for a few stylish pendant lighting options. There are plenty of them available in the market and you can choose a series of such lightings as per your liking. These hanging pendant lighting can add a touch of sophistication to your otherwise simple hallways.

  • Choose Some Engaging Wall Decals

For a spacious hallway, wall decals can be an awesome decor item! These can easily transform a drab hallway into an exciting one. If it’s an engaging one, for example a world map, even your guests would pay much attention and they will be attracted enough to shower you with compliments for your choice of the wall mural.

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So, now you know well how you can easily lift up the look and feel of the hallway of your new home, don’t you? Just choose one idea from the above-mentioned tips of your choice and see how beautifully you can transform your dull and boring hallway into a beautiful one!