Advent Of Power Steering In Our Cars

Anything without a direction is bound to fail and we choose the necessary direction of our cars with the help of steering system. Steering system is required to change the direction of car in speed or while parking our car in the garage. Today, we have sophisticated steering systems known as power steering or power assisted steering. This steering requires less effort on our part to change the direction of a vehicle, it is suitable for weak drivers, and also very helpful for parking a car very easily. The power steering is based on hydraulic or electric power or both of them and requires less effort to control the car.

Advent Of Power Steering In Our Cars

Although, power steering is very convenient and gives different driving experience, however, it can also fail and requires professional repairing like other car systems. The main reasons for the failure of power assisted steering system are :

  • A failure in the hydraulic system, through fluid loss that can be caused by leakage.
  • A failure in the hydraulic pump.
  • There can be loss of of power due to failure in both hydraulic or power system, or failure in engine system.

How to recognize failure in Power steering system

When a driver gets accustomed to power assisted steering, it can be very frustrating for him when the system fails. There can be few signs that will help in recognizing the failure or improper working of power steering system.

Difficulty in turning the steering wheel

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A feel of tightness while turning the steering wheel can be caused by leakage in steering system; it can also be due to any problem in mechanical parts of the steering system or steering column, loose or damaged power steering belt, broken or damaged power steering pump.

A vibration in the steering wheel

Although vibration in steering wheel can be caused by problems in tyres likes over or under inflated tyres, damaged tyres, malfunctioning of drive belt etc.

A squealing sound while turning steering wheel

If there is any squealing or scratching sound while turning steering wheel, it is the indication of failure of steering pump.

Repairing the power steering system

Due to wear and tear, even the most durable car will face problems in steering system over time. Some of the power steering problems  are easy to diagnose and can be rectified at home and others need professional servicing.

One of the common cause of power steering failure is leak in the steering fluid. So, when the power steering system stops working properly, the first thing to do is to check the fluid levels of power steering system. Today, there are some power steering additive products to stop leak in the power steering pump, that can be directly poured into the fluid reservoir.

If there is some whining or screeching sound when the car is started or when the car reaches at a certain speed, it is possibly due to problems in the power steering belt. If some problems are noticeable in the belt, it is best to replace it with a new one. It is very important to know the power steering belt number and purchase the same one, so that power steering system will work properly. Before replacing the belt, it is advisable to check the manual or get it properly replaced at registered service centre.

Steering problems like vibration is often caused by problem in tyres, so tyres should be also checked from time to time.

Power steering system was introduced for the convenience of people and it is really easy and requires little effort to control the car. There can be certain problems with power steering system and should be rectified on time. Also, maintaining your car properly will prolong life of every part in your car.

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