Points To Remember Before Buying A Residential Flat For Sale In Jaipur

Are you planning to buy a residential flat for sale in Jaipur? Go ahead without any second thought. However, make sure you are aware of the important points before investing in the property. It is true that buying a new flat is a big investment and a one-time decision. As a buyer, you will feel excited as well as stressed and most of the times you will be in a hurry to finish all the formalities of buying a house. Therefore, you require running several checks on the residential property to stay out of any unnecessary problems.

 This reminds me of a situation where my newly-wed neighbours Ashima and Dipankar Majumdar decided to buy their own flat. They were planning to take a 2 BHK flat in Kolkata and were quite excited to deal with the entire process, as it was their dream house after all. However, things came to a standstill suddenly as certain things, which were unknown to them, held them back. They failed to follow some important points, which required careful attention before buying their new property.

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Points To Remember Before Buying A Residential Flat For Sale In Jaipur

 Some of the key points, which one must remember prior to buying a new property, are as follows:

 Buyer-seller Agreement

This is one of the most important points, which every buyer must remember before investing in a residential property. The buyer-seller agreement includes all the terms, conditions, legal implications and clauses. This agreement is equally essential for the developer as well. The important points to remember here are the penalty, default and interest charges to be provided by the buyer and the clauses of refunding in case the particular project is scrapped or not completed. In case, if there is any sort of delay in construction and structural defects, a penalty will be charged as well. When you are buying a residential flat for sale in Jaipur, make sure the agreement you will be signing is registered.

 Background Check of the Developer

Always remember to check as well as cross-check the background of the real estate developer. This will, in fact, help you assess the execution capability of the builder on quality and timeliness. Do not forget to check out the financial stability of the developer, as it will signify his potential of executing and completing the project in the absence of any external borrowings. Ensure that the builder has a noticeable record of accomplishment, which would obviously be a good reference point for both under-construction projects and new launches.

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As a buyer, do not forget to monitor the structural specifications carefully, which are usually revealed when the residential project is launched. Make frequent visits to the property site in order to supervise the progress and ensure the structural specifications as well. If you find any difference, you are free to draft a formal complaint directly to the builder. You can approach the consumer court as well.

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 Layout and Design

In order to assess the quality of work, as a buyer, you must find out about the architect, the structural engineer and the contractor. Make sure, you check the design and layout of your new flat. Check, whether there are ample sunlight and cross-ventilation in the flat.