All You Need To Know About MN1 Child Citizenship Application

What is MN1 Child Citizenship Application? It is an application used to register a non-British Child as a British Citizen. There are different requirements needed for your child to register as a British Citizen or to apply for British Citizenship. We will take a look at the details in a moment.

So if you want your child to be registered as a British citizen through Form MN1, you should take a look at this article. You can find more information on the Internet on sites that are specialized in this line of work.

All You Need To Know About MN1 Child Citizenship Application

Before Applying using form MN1

Before you try to apply for this form, please take into consideration that there are some requirements needed for your child to be eligible for this type of process. Your child must be under eighteen at the time of applicant and that at least one parent has obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.

Also, when applying to the Form MN1, you must have a long birth certificate for the child among other documents. The process itself can take a while, and it can be refused if there is not enough information required for the process to be finished.

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About the Child

If a child is born in the United Kingdom to non-British parents, then the parents cannot apply for child citizenship immediately. They have to wait until one of the parents obtains Indefinite Leave to Remain. Only then one of the parents can submit an application through form MN1 for their child.

If a child is born abroad to non-British parents, then they are not eligible to apply for citizenship until one of the parents are applying. A child can be included in the parent’s British citizenship application. The decision will be taken at the Home Office.

However, in such situations, approval is not guaranteed, but if both parents obtain British Citizenship, then the chances of the MN1 form being approved are increased. The same case is applied when a parent has Permanent Residence while the other has British citizenship.

You can find out more information regarding the MN1 form by checking the website WM Immigration. Our team of experts will gladly help you with the necessary information regarding the process and the required documents you need to present for the process to start. 

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Questions Regarding British Citizenship MN1:

  1. What happens if the application using form MN1 gets refused?

It is important to seek legal advice or contact someone who can identify the errors that your application may contain. There are numerous reasons why an application can be refused.

2. How long the process takes?

The process can take between two or four months depending on the time of the year. You can contact Home Office if the application takes over six months with no indication of an outcome. Usually, a process that takes longer than six months has to do with staffing issues.

3. Should I apply for the MN1 application of my child’s behalf?

Yes, you can, but we recommend seeking our professional advice first. We can help you with the necessary information, and we can improve your application and see that your documents are prepared. You will have better chances of getting your request improved.

4. Before applying for citizenship, does my child need ILR?

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If you child is eligible to register as a British citizen, then ILR is not required. However, it can be more beneficial in certain situations. ILR makes sense the older the child is. Also, you should consider the residency period of your child in the UK. Children that are born overseas need to apply for ILR.


So if your child is eligible for British Citizenship, you can apply using the MN1 form.

Rama K