Top Benefits Of Buying SSL Certificate from Click SSL

The Role of SSL Certificates

As online insecurity continues rising, businesses are obligated to secure their online interactions. SSL certificates offer users many advantages that help businesses and their clients to operate in a secure online environment. But what is the place of SSL certificates? Here are some of the roles SSL certificates play in your online business transactions:

  • Protection of your valuable information: An SSL certificate protects the information your customers send and receive when transacting transfer through your business.
  • Attract More Buyers: SSL certificates help you to attract more clients because they transact in a secure atmosphere.
  • You retain your customers: When your customers know their information is safe, they are bound to return to your website.
  • An improved professional image: With an SSL certificate, you enhance the image of your website and business because your stakeholders are sure they are dealing with an entity that values its customer’s online security
  • Increased Sales Volumes: With an SSL certificate, you are in an advantageous position to make more online sales because your customers are assured of their information’s safety as they transact on your site


Top Benefits Of Buying SSL Certificate from Click SSL

About Click SSL

ClickSSL has carved itself a name among the leading companies offering various SSL certificates. The company opened its doors in 2009 in Delaware, USA, and it seeks to help small, medium-size and large businesses to enjoy the benefits that arise from SSL certificates at a pocket-friendly price.

ClickSSL has committed itself to ensuring that businesses and organizations operate in secure online environments. We ensure that our users get access to a wide variety of products that keep them in touch with the dynamic solutions that facilitate a secure online space for them.

Enjoy the Widest Variety of SSL Solutions

At ClickSSL, we offer a wide variety of SSL solutions tailored for your company’s needs. We have customized our products to suit your online security requirements, and when you opt for any of them, you are assured of improving your online traffic and business volumes. Here are some of the products we have in store for you:

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Domain-Validated Certificates

These solutions are easy to issue since they do not entail many legal requirements, and hence, you get your certificate within a few minutes. With these SSL products, you experience enhanced security for your customers’ online transactions.

Organization-Validated Certificates

With this solution in place, your website enjoys domain ownership validation as well as the establishment of business credibility across the web. Here, your customers can check and validate a company’s vital information by a simple click on the certificate details. This way, they can interact with you without fears of losing their sensitive information.

Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificates

This certificate lets your website experience superior protection against phishing and other online threats so that your customers can enjoy a secure online environment. Besides, it verifies the legal and operational existence of your organization, and it is the best option for state corporations. After the legal verification completion, the authorized business name will display in browser green address bar.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

This solution offers enhanced protection for unlimited sub domains under one security certificate. Because it does not need a private IP, it is an appropriate tool for users who want to make valuable savings on SSL certificates to secure unlimited subdomains.

SAN / Multi Domain Certificate

A Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificate enables users to secure up to 100 domains under single SSL certificate. The certificate is ideal for a shared hosting environment, and it is compatible with many browsers.

Exchange SSL Certificates

This type of certificate is suitable for Microsoft Exchange servers and environments. It enables users to enjoy secure communications on different domains thus reducing costs. The certificate enables you to experience various exchange services such as mails, Webmail, and Outlook in a securely connected fashion and ecosystem.

Popular Certificate Authority

All the solutions we offer are sourced from the most respected and trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs). Some of the trusted names we collaborate with are Rapid SSL, Thawte, Symantec, and Geo Trust. With this awareness in mind, there is no reason to worry about the credibility of our products because these brands bear witness to the quality of our solutions.

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Exceptional Customer Support

Taking the best care of our customers is in our first priority. At ClickSSL, we have established a 24/7 customer support system that addresses all the needs our clients might have. Our support system addresses their questions, listens to their grievances, and quells their fears in a transparent and satisfactory manner. Our clients can get help through our prompt email responses, live chats, and ticket support.

Money-Back Guarantee

At ClickSSL, we understand you work to earn your money, and we know that you deserve to get the best value for it. That is why we have a system in place that ensures when you spend it on our products, and you do so with the absolute assurance that you will enjoy what you paid. All this guarantee is made possible through our money-back guarantee that gives you peace of mind knowing that a 100% refund guarantees your purchases should you need it. With our 30 days, money back guarantees refund plan, and you can cancel your SSL certificate and get full compensation. But before you start thinking about how you will get a refund, we need to assure you that a company that offers poor quality products cannot exude such a level confidence. To us, our refund guarantee is an expression of how much we have confidence in our products.

Generous Discounts & Coupon Codes

For those customers who cherish savings on their purchases while maintaining their hold on quality, ClickSSL is the right fold for them to be. Through our friendly offers, we allow our buyers to enjoy savings through various channels. For instance, we price our solutions affordably, give generous discounts, and offer coupon codes. Therefore, you are welcome to taste our various solutions and find out what suits your needs at your present financial level.

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Friendly Reseller Programs

For those who are willing to use our products to make earnings, our doors are wide open for them to do so. This potential becomes a reality when you join our reseller programs and earn from our products. Through these programs, we help you to start earning from their efforts immediately, not to mention that we offer them the necessary support they need to make all the baby steps to stability. What is more tantalizing about our plan is that we work with our resellers as equal partners without replacing or overshadowing their corporate identity because our partnership program allows them to retain their identity.

Closing Remarks

So far, you are up to date with all the benefits you can enjoy by using SSL solutions and other related solutions from ClickSSL. It does not matter whether your business is startup or a fully established venture because, within the ClickSSL fold, there is something for everyone at their level. At ClickSSL, we cater for everyone irrespective of whether they want to sell or utilize. With all these facts at your fingertips, you now have the privilege of choosing to move with the winning team since you know how you will benefit. So, take the bold step and join thousands of our larger ClickSSL family across the

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