Benefits Of Powerful Business Intelligence Tools In Office 365

Business intelligence tools are at the heart of modern business success stories. You need to gather information, analyze and report valuable data to take the right decisions. The latest tools help in reading previously stored data from different sources. Excel has long been one of the most widely used tools for powering business intelligence. The latest cloud-based business intelligence solutions from Microsoft work are available within Office 365 Free Trial. They can be used for analyzing and visualizing data in the best possible ways. The tools allow you to gain insights into your data and take effective business decisions.

Power Your Business with Power BI

Excel 2016 in Office 365 has become much more powerful than ever before. Power BI brings you advanced and multiple publishing and chart types featuring rich formatting options to help keep your employees informed the right way and at the right time. This cloud-based business analytics service helps you in analyzing and understanding data instantly and easily via visualizations. It has multiple interactive dashboards and reports that ensure that data will no longer be dull, but more alive and interesting than ever. is the best place for choosing this cloud-based system for your business.

Some of the main features of Power BI are as following:

  • Power Query – You can search and access your organizational data and public data with ease. Everything can be accessed within Excel in the widely-familiar interface and form.
  • Power View – Creative interactive visual representations, charts, and graphs with the data.
  • Power Map – This is a 3D data visualization tool to map, interact and explore the temporal and geographic data.
  • Power Pivot – It helps in the creation and customization of flexible data models in Excel.
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Enterprise Analytics with Office 365

Benefits Of Powerful Business Intelligence Tools In Office 365

The live data monitoring systems within Office 365 give you wide-ranging organizational insights. You can take advantage of highly interactive reports and dashboards, and valuable data visualizations. You can easily monitor and analyze wide variety of live data using the business intelligence tools available in Power BI. The cloud-based business intelligence solution gives you content packs for the most widely used services like QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Marketo. Your data story can come to life with highly interactive reports and data visualizations within minutes. The latest Excel 2016 further allows you to publish to the system, which means more ease in sharing data and insights.

Some of the main benefits this system provides to your Enterprise Analytics Experts are as following:

  • Richer Analytics – Get insights into organizational working with big data and behavioral analytics. Allow your teams to identify key areas for saving time so that they can focus on the higher-value activities.
  • Share Dashboards – Your employees can share their dashboards with others. They can also create their group dashboards which can be shared with other groups or teams. Content packs can be created and published for the organization or for a security or distribution list.
  • Create Highly Interactive Reports – Power BI allows report creation from scratch. Import reports using shared dashboards or create by connecting to datasets from Power BI Desktop, Excel, content packs, databases and SaaS applications.
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Where to Buy Your Business Intelligence Solutions

Make sure to buy your business intelligence solutions from a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Apps4Rent is among the very few Tier 1 Microsoft CSP that provides you total end-user and service support. You will get help from migration to testing and for post-migration issues. Their support services are available 24x7x365 via phone, live chat and email for resolving any kind of issue.

There is no difference in Power BI Pricing whether you purchase the business intelligence solution from Microsoft or from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. However, there are advantages to the level of support services you get from a Tier 1 CSP as compared to directly buying from the company. Microsoft provides support for only limited number of official issues. However, Apps4Rent provides you total end-user support services.

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Apps4Rent helps you in connecting to services with content packs for Power BI like Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, Azure Audit Logs, Google Analytics and much more. They help in creation of custom dashboards and tiles, setup of shared dashboard notifications, connection with databases and files across SharePoint team websites, and in the creation and editing of reports and much more.

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