Bodybuilding With Anavar

Anavar, which is scientifically known as Oxandrolone is a typical steroid which is preferred by some and dejected by others. Some bodybuilders rate it as a superb supplement because of its relatively less side effects whereas some do not even think it as one because of its mild nature. On the whole it is a drug which is overrated and at the same points, underrated. Commonly known as Var, the steroid comes in the form of pills. It is a mild steroid which can be taken separately as well as combined and taken along with other steroids like Deca Durabolin, testosterone, Winstrol etc. The other ability of Var is that it synthesizes phosphocreatine without retaining any water in muscle tissues and joints.

Bodybuilding With Anavar

Mild Yet Effective

The best part is that Anavar is an oral steroid and this prevents contamination and other contagious diseases that might come with the use of injections. The pills can be taken with water or milk, as per your trainer’s guidance. A tablet of Var contains 2.5 mg of Oxandrolone and up to 50 mg a day is essential, if one wants results. It is however, advisable to not to take it more than 100 mg a day because it may show some negative effects. 10 to 20 tablets a day is considered a low dose and can be taken without much of a thought. This mild steroid is medically recommended by doctors to children for a steady and stable growth.

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Initially, the pills were made to help weight losing people gain muscle strength and fight loss of muscle size. However, when results came positive people started taking it as a steroid. Var is also effective on AIDS and has helped people stay healthy. When these pills were tested in lab, their reports showed it to have no side effects, if up to 5mg is taken in a day. But going beyond 50 mg a day regularly, one may have to face some serious side effects like strain on liver, increase in toxicity, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems etc. The steroid is highly preferred by female athletes because of its low virilization risks.

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Intake Procedure

Var pills can be taken separately or with other complimentary supplements like testosterone etc. The pills are taken separately by bodybuilders who have high blood pressure. Rest can take it along with Deca Durabolin or testosterone. Both steroids compliment Anavar and curb each other’s side effects. Also, they help in keeping estrogen levels to an acceptably low level. It is so recommended to take Anavar along with Liv 52 which is an Ayurvedic medicine. It helps flushing out toxins from liver and blood. The anabolic can also be taken along with Winstrol for some definite and positive results.

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Anavar on the whole is an effective steroid to start with. It has its plus points which are advantageous and positive. It has a low side effect rate and can give a bodybuilder some solidly built muscles. Anavar is an oral steroid which makes it all the more safe and usable.

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