Helpful Information On Breast Reduction Surgeries

Breasts are one of the most valuable assets for any woman. Beauty, appeal and attraction of any woman depend largely on her breasts. However, disproportionately large breasts often lead to various problems. People, who have excessively large breasts often, suffer from pain in the neck and a number of other physical problems. Disproportionately large breasts can even lead to the chronic problem of back pain. As such, breasts not only create problems for women alone but also for men in certain cases. Many men suffer from abnormally enlarged breasts or gynecomastia.

Helpful Information On Breast Reduction Surgeries

The world of medicine has improved a lot in the modern times to provide all-round, acceptable solutions to such problems through breast reduction surgeries. It is a major surgery and hence, you need to approach it with caution.


The objective of such surgeries is to reduce the size of your breasts to make those proportionate to the rest of your body. Thus, in other words, these surgeries aim to resize and reshape the breasts so that those are no longer the source of your physical discomfort and uneasiness. This kind of surgical procedures has dual benefits. In one hand, it helps to improve your appearance while in the other, relieves you from both physical and emotional burden of overly large sized breasts.

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Situations to consider this Surgery

There are certain situations when medical practitioners usually refer patients for surgeries to reduce the size of their breasts. These situations include the following:

  • When the breasts are too large with respect to the physical frame of an individual and thus, lead to back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • When the breasts are excessively large with the nipples and the areolas pointing downwards (areolas is the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipples).
  • When one of the breasts is much larger than the other.
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Many women are dissatisfied and overly conscious about their disproportionately large mammary glands. These individuals have to consult specialized doctors to undergo boob reduction surgeries.

Factors to consider before going for the Treatment

There are certain factors you should consider before undergoing the surgical treatment. The benefits of the surgical procedure include the following:

  • Post-surgery, your breasts will be more proportionate to the rest of your body and will provide a firmer feeling.
  • The surgery will resolve your neck, back and shoulder pains.
  • Your appearance will improve and you will be more self-confident.

However, there are downsides of this medical procedure as well. Breast reduction surgeries may decrease sensation in certain regions of your beasts including the nipples and areolas.  Your breasts and nipples may also have uneven looks after the surgery. In addition to the factors mentioned above, you may have problems in breast-feeding.

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Harley Street Breast Clinic is one of the most trusted places for breast reduction surgery in London. Exclusive care and guidance provided at this medical practice need to be categorically mentioned. Success rate of such surgeries here is undeniably higher as compared to other clinics around the region.

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