In 1959 the Syntex scientists for the first time described an anabolic androgenic steroid Oxymetholone that is actively used as an ingredient in Oxitoland which is synthetic in nature and is active orally. The steroid Oxymetholone has clinical applications that mainly include the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. Usually it is used as Oxitoland 50 mg capsules and tablets. Also in the treatment of malnourished and underdeveloped patients it has been used to stimulate the muscle growth.

The FDA has approved the human use of this steroid but hasn’t approved it for the athletic purposes. Many athletes and bodybuilders have been using this steroid for bulking cycles. In the treatment of wasting syndrome (associated with HIV) this steroid has recently been used.

With the use of Oxitoland there are various side effects involved. Though the Oxymetholone steroid (when it comes for the androgen recipient) has very less binding affinity but it is a very important option in order to have significant increase in the body mass of a person. It helps in the improvement of process for protein synthesis that’s why many bodybuilders and athletes use this steroid for improvement.

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The company naming Landerlan offers high quality of pharmaceutical products and has certification for the GMPs (good manufacturing practices). This company offers Oxitoland and all the products are manufactured according to various standards and strict norms in order to ensure quality and consistency in all their products. The manufacturing methods are according to the present legislation and are highly dedicated in safe and quality production of its products.

To ensure the health and for the attainment of goals a person before taking an anabolic steroid must understand the dosage and it is very important in order to be cautious regarding side effects. The steroid comes as Oxitoland 50 mg capsules and commonly it should be consumed as 50 mg per day by a person. In order to have desired effect for the various needs of bodybuilders and athletes it can be consumed in the dosage of less than 50 mg keeping in mind the side effects associated to it.

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The steroid is very heptatoxic and can increase the blood pressure and cholesterol level of the person. To experience the optimum results of Oxitoland the bodybuilders and athletes must have a good diet and good regime of exercise.  After a month the level of this steroid start declining quickly. The main side effects of Oxitoland are insomnia (sleeping trouble), restlessness, diarrhea, and problem in breathing, allergic reactions, swelling of face, lips, throat, tongue and swelling in breast, change in skin color, urination issues, problem in erection of penis, pain in stomach, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, jaundice, change in sex drive and deepened or hoarse voice. The general physician should be called as soon as possible in case the person is having these problems.

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For buying the steroid there is a need to have prior prescription of physician for the treatment of medical condition.  This steroid can be purchased online.