Bringing a Touch of Magic to your Home

Most young Indians nowadays are opting to move into smaller apartments in high rise buildings rather than the big standalone homes. This has led to a huge rise in the construction industry in the major metropolitan cities of India and also given a boost to the growth of other related industries like the home decor industry and other such businesses. Also, the growth of online shopping in India has also added to it, making it very convenient for people to shop, by sitting at their homes, at the click of a button, with thousands of option to choose from.

brass drawer knobs

Although the houses are getting smaller, people do not want to lose the touch of old grand homes and are doing every bit possible to decorate their homes and apartments in the best way possible, to suit their style and choices. Some people choose to deck up their houses in a modern, trendy look, with sleek furniture and bright colors, which gives a unique and futuristic feel to the house. Some people also like to get creative and design their homes in a grand old way, to capture the essence and grandeur of the large mansions and palaces of the eras gone by. This includes paying attention to detail, like fitting brass drawer knobs or installing the switches correctly and so on.

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How to decorate your home in an antique manner?

Most of the times, people think that redesigning their house is a big job, and to get a fresh look one has to redo everything like paint the walls in a new color or get new furniture or change the orientation of the rooms. This can become even more tiresome if the person is trying to decorate their house in an antique feel, because the cost of such antique furniture and decor items, or even new items that are designed to capture that feel, are usually very high.

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This is a very widespread misconception. The truth is, to bring in a new look to one’s home, one does not need to change everything. It can be started by something as small as getting a new painting or decorative statue or even just hanging up new curtains. All these minute changes can give a room a completely different look. This is because all the true beauty and decor of a room lies in the attention to the details. Although people may not notice it right away, the smaller details affect the look and feel of a home the most.

Similarly, it is very much possible and also quite trendy nowadays to combine a mix of both ages old traditional architectural and interior designs with modern appliances and furniture. One can easily have a sleek modern appliance on top of an old cabinet or new modern windows with curtains that give it a nice old world charm. Once again, it is all in the details that give it this unique look and feel, and it can start with something as small as antique brass cupboard knobs.

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