Ensure Your Safety Well With Steady Speed Bumps

Speeding and unsafe driving practices on the streets have led to the increased concerns by the citizens. Excessive speed and reckless driving puts in danger the lives of people living in the neighborhoods. For this reason, there is a need to set up effective measure to safeguard the neighborhoods. Therefore, for protecting the public and pedestrians, speed bumps are installed across the roads.

An Introduction on Speed Bumps:

Speed bumps are traffic-mollifying devices that use vertical curve to slow motor-vehicle traffic for the safety. This mechanism is an easy and effectual way to deter excessive speed. It is the pragmatic approach to slow down traffic on roads, in parking lots, or places like college campuses. Speed bumps are yellow colored strips mostly made of rubber and can be positioned across a thoroughfare, forcing anyone driving over them to slow down. These are generally available in thickness from 1 7/8 to 4 inches high. The higher the speed bump, the slower the driving speed. Controlling automobile speed with speed bumps is the most effective method to improve safety of parking lots and driveway. They are the best way to alter driver behavior to keep their speed to a minimum limit and to improve conditions for the pedestrians and other drivers as well.

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Characteristics of Speed Bumps

Ensure Your Safety Well With Steady Speed Bumps

  • It is a raised pavement area across a roadway.
  • Has a height of 3 to 6 inches with a length of 1 to 3 feet.
  • Mostly found on private lanes and parking areas.
  • Speed bumps are wider, narrower strips on the road.
  • Reduces vehicle speed to between 2-5mph
  • Easy to install and uphold any road surface.
  • Most applicable traffic calming tool
  • Temporary or permanent

Super Bumps Come in Various Varieties

1. Economy Solid Plastic Speed Bumps

Economy solid plastic speed bumps are made up of recycled plastic in the areas where speed is a major problem. These are equipped with bright-yellow color, are economical and can be easily installed and can resist damage from ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature fluctuations, changing weather conditions, oil, or chemicals and require no maintenance. These obstructions come in different sizes, generally are of 2” high and 10” wide and are available in 4’, 6’, 9’, and 12’ lengths.

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Ensure Your Safety Well With Steady Speed Bumps

2. Reflective Rubber Speed Bumps

Speed bumps possess high durability, as they are made-up of recycled tires and are flexible enough to fit in the pavement area. They are molded with diagonal yellow strips along with ‘Cat-eyes’ which assist approaching motorists to understand the need for speed reduction. Therefore, they are also known as ‘Cat-Eye’ reflectors. They can be easily reinstalled for road resurfacing, snow removal, paving or to clear the traffic flow. These devices are 2.3” tall and 12” wide and are available in lengths of 4’and 6’. Standard lengths and uniform sizes allow the bumps to be joined at the ends for greater distance end to end. They also come in two models: standard bump and heavy-duty bump.

Need for Speed Bumps

When it comes to driving, the people are every important and they need to be protected. Therefore, speed bumps are a ray of hope in the dark. These bumps watch people driving at safe speed and protect pedestrians from any damage caused by the speedy vehicle. Speed bumps save many lives and cause driver to slow down their motor speed to a minimum level. Since speed bumps reduce the volume of traffic on a street by rerouting traffic to other streets, they reduce accidents rates. Thus, speed bump is the most economical and effective way to avoid road accidents.  If you acquire more details on speed bumps then please visit us today!

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