Checklist To Identify How Accurately Luxury Car Detailing Is Performed

Buying a luxury car is an expensive deal. Those who purchased these magnificent vehicles like BMW pay extra attention for the upkeep and maintenance. In addition to routine DIY cleaning they happily pay for professional detailing experts for deep cleaning and maintenance of their vehicles. Despite doing all the research, background check and word of mouth references, automobile owners should keep their eyes open and focus to learn the tactics to check service quality.

To ensure the service quality of BMW Service Dubai, consider following the checklist to confirm that the vendor you have hired is authentic and performed detailing and cleaning accurately.

Examine painted surface

Cleaning at carwash involves removing all the visible contaminants from the surface of the automobile.  It must take out all the dirt, oxidation marks, scums and environmental deposits from the surface along with the elimination of fine scratches and swirl marks with the help of polishing and buffing. Examine every inch of exteriors under sunlight. Also check water spots and scratches on the surface, which often form due to excess use of automatic brushes and dirty towels.

Checklist To Identify How Accurately Luxury Car Detailing Is Performed

Scan wheels and tires

Tires are the dirtiest component of every vehicle. As they directly come in contact with land and keep the vehicle moving on all kinds of surfaces, they clung with a lot of dirt and particles on their surface. Like rest of the body of an auto, tires have to be deep cleaned at auto wash service. Detail scrubbing is necessary not only to make them look great but also to increase their life span and performance. Don’t forget to check plastic splash and inner fender lines to see how well they are cleaned coated with protective dressing.

Check glass surfaces

Although you daily clean windscreens, window glass and view mirror in your vehicle, don’t forget to check them before making the final payment to your detailer. You never know the streak on the windscreen is permanent and caused due to abrasive brushes. Don’t accept less than ideal. All glass surfaces must be cleaned from both sides. Roll down window glasses to ensure it’s clean from both sides.

Check head Lights

Headlights and backlights start losing their clarity and become hazy with time due to exposure to dust, road debris, oxidation and UV light. They have to be cleaned properly otherwise hazy lights decreased visibility in the dark produce safety concerns for everyone on the road. After undergoing detailing treatment headlights regained their transparency provided that standard cleaning procedures are followed.

Examine Trunk, dashboard and console

Professional detailers clean the whole interior of trunk compartment, dashboard, console, door panels and instrument panels. Inspect surfaces of these areas to see whether they are cleaned with suitable cleaner and don’t possess any grease or product residues.  Also, see inside of the trunk lid and place where the spare tire is often placed.

Observe seats, carpets and floor mats

Simple vacuuming is not enough for these components. To ensure that seats, carpets and floor mats are treated and cleaned accurately, closely observe beneath them. Clean surface means that mats are taken out and cleaned thoroughly. Similarly, seats should be blemish free after detailing. If the fabric or leather is still showing greasy stains it indicates they are not treated with a suitable cleaning solution.

Endnote: Professionals car wash offering BMW Service in Dubai always work in detail to offer a maximum level of satisfaction to their customers.  

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