How Well Do You Know About Cloud Computing?

As organizations realised the need for flexible information technology and resources at their disposal, cloud computing covers all! The technology emerged in 21st century and was widely accepted by multiple business entities along with individual users. It came with the primary purpose which is to store all your valuable data on virtual servers located in the clouds, thus relieving you from physical storage drives.

Private cloud service comes with different packages where cost of each is based on storage limit and additional features as per user demand. The best deal is for business firms as they don’t need to pay the infrastructure cost. It allows you to access data from anywhere and anytime, all you need is internet availability.

How Well Do You Know About Cloud Computing?

In case you’ve been avoiding private cloud due to security concerns, there’s no need to worry as each service comes with advance defence mechanism allowing you to safely send and retrieve information devoid of any permeation or hacking. Let’s find out more about this technology and storage options for better understanding.

Significant Facts

Whether storing highly classified internal company data or is simply a collection of songs, cloud storage is for all. Where preserving information once seems quite intimidating like creating multiple folders within your PC or purchasing external drives, everything has been simplified thanks to these virtual servers. A common study indicated that it fosters less data loss plus recovery is also easier only if you’re maintaining backup.

Service Types

Each storage service depends on the type of package and provider you’ve opt for. Different companies like Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and many others facilitate customers with cloud computing where storage space plus cost of each varies. The final decision to select a specific provider depends on end customer so do study each aspect cautiously before choosing one.

Before selection, it’s important to determine if there’re any hidden charges associated with cost and process lest you wish to upgrade the existing package. Besides this, price also depends on the type of server which can accompany single or multiple users at the same time. Remember that fee depends on service rather than maintaining hardware and software.

Although, single user server caters more speed and a lot of storage limit, charges will also be high as compared to multi-user. Security features of both are quite identical however; customised server caters more security while you can personalize the default settings as per liking.

Reliable & Convenient

Another major advantage is ease of access which lets you work without any hindrance. Whether you’re on a business or pleasure tour, at home or even mountain hiking, simply plug your laptop with a Wi-Fi device and start working. If a potential private cloud service experiences some malfunction, there’s no need to panic as a few companies provide alternate download link plus backup facility. Take example of Gmail which is cloud based service allowing you to store the data either in a traditional way or over virtual server.

Multiple Working Grounds

You can perform myriad of tasks on the go thanks to cloud service. This involves preparing and editing of documents, hold online meetings and seminars, send and receive data files and many others as you would’ve done when in office. The only drawback is lack of physical presence or supervision might decelerate an employee’s work performance however, there’re many optimistic aspects and working grounds.

Security & Personalisation

A typical private cloud service provide user with personal id and password which must be entered whenever gaining access. This is preferred when managing large company data to avoid any chance of infiltration and unauthorized access. Not just this, every individual is assigned a separate access code thus safer and secure data transfer.


The above article covers cloud computing from many different aspects including a few storage solutions. So why not go through it and select a specific service per convenience!

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