Common Slip and Fall Injuries and What You Should Do

We hear about slip and fall accidents often in relation to lawsuits. In Boynton Beach, too, such litigations are not uncommon and have forced many companies and public places to adopt safer premises. But there is a serious medical aspect to such an accident. What should one do if they suffer from slip and fall Boynton Beach? What are the common injuries?

The first step is to get medical attention. This is not just some litigation necessity. Some injuries are not as visible. Quick medical attention can ensure that it never gets a chance to worsen. Here are some of the common slip and fall injuries:

Common Slip and Fall Injuries and What You Should Do

Soft tissue injury: These injuries can range from an ankle sprain to a more serious tendon tear. In many cases, this injury may seem like a minor irritant, but if left untreated, the simple injury can worsen into a much more serious condition. It also makes you susceptible to further injury. Sometimes a soft tissue injury will manifest itself after some time, often the next day.

Fractures: A hard fall can crack the bone, causing a fracture. A fracture is painful and very often needs time to heal. If the surrounding tissue is also damaged, healing will involve therapy and often severe pain management. In some cases, a fracture may not show the obvious signs — swelling or stiffness of joints. It can only be detected through an X-Ray. Hence, if you feel a sharp pain after a fall that does not dissipate, seek medical help immediately. Even simple fractures often need specialist attention and care.

Head injury: This is often the red flag. If you fall and hit your head, immediately seek help from a specialist in slip and fall Boynton Beach. Even minor head inures need immediate attention, especially if there is any swelling, bleeding, disorientation or a loss of consciousness. Head injuries cannot be diagnosed on symptoms alone. These injuries need specialist attention and often proper investigation. While some injuries like mild concussion may clear on its own, others may prove traumatic and timely attention is vital in proper care.

Spinal injuries: These are often some of the most serious slip and fall injuries. Any damage to the spinal cord can cause a compression or breakage in the spinal column, which can, in turn, cause severe paralysis. A spinal injury is also often expensive to treat. Proper diagnosis can help in a lawsuit.

Abrasions: This is usually the best case scenario where one suffers from cuts and abrasions. These are usually superficial injuries that can be treated with simple First Aid. You may need a specialist in slip and fall Boynton Beach only if the abrasions show signs of a more serious injury, like a broken bone, concussion or a deep gash that needs more expert attention.

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