Are You A Foodie? Let’s Find Out!

The term foodie often refers to someone who has an interest in having different kinds of foods, rather than simply trying out the same old convenient food. But I think there is a hidden foodie within each one of us. The craving to taste a different kind of cuisine and a new restaurant is something which is liked by all. Would you always rather have the same food just because it is the safest option or try out something new?

kinds of foods

For people who love food and moreover love trying different cuisines, we bring for you Londi’s Salem. They bring to you some of the most loved beef delicacies that I am sure you haven’t tried out yet. So, are you a foodie? If yes, then you have to pay them a visit. But are you indeed a foodie or not, ask yourself these questions and find out for yourself.

  1. Do you shy away from trying out cuisines and dishes you have never heard of? If you do shy away then I guess we both can agree that you are not a foodie
  2. A foodie knows what drinks would go best with which kind of food. The kind of drink or wine should complement the taste of the food. If you can’t make out that difference then my friend you are not a foodie.
  3. Do you know the local dishes and the local restaurants? A foodie will always know the best of the local restaurant which serves up the best of food and will be ever ready to recommend them to anybody who’s visiting the place for the first time.
  4. Also, a foodie will not need the waiter to explain the menu because they already know what they’re in for. You won’t need to ask for the complimenting flavors because you already know it.
  5. You know the feeling when you enter a restaurant and you have a list of your favorite dishes? A foodie will have at least more than 5 or 6 items on that list because there is absolutely nothing they haven’t tried yet.
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So, what are you? Are you a foodie or not? If you are just in the beginning phase of being a true foodie, then don’t shy away because you are going to get there soon.

But for people who still love to eat some quality food with lip-smacking taste, we have Londi’s of Peabody. The place has some excellent reviews and they are famous for the items on their menu. You may not want to visit them in their rush hours because it becomes impossible to get a seat. But this place is a must visit and their Greek pizza and Buffalo wings are some of the most loved food items. If this isn’t enough to tease your taste buds then wait till you enter this bistro and the aroma fills your mouth with water.

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I hope you enjoy the place just as much everybody else did. Now go an feast!

Mel H