Different Styles Of Solitaire Diamond Rings To Look For

Diamond speaks best when it comes to expressing your love for someone. It is all about making somebody feel special, and nothing can be more suitable than the glow of a dazzling diamond ring on her finger. Diamond rings come in many shapes and sizes suitable to different budgets and tastes, but the one kind that outshines all the other counterparts is the class of solitaire diamond rings.

Different Styles Of Solitaire Diamond Rings To Look For

Various characteristics and features:

Today, one of the most sought after diamond rings by the couples are solitaire diamond rings. These reflect the exact personality and class of a woman, at the same time maintaining a certain poise that makes a woman look, even more beautiful. Modern woman signifies self-dependence and strength. Moreover, she keeps that in mind while selecting the perfect piece of diamond too. So, does her soul mate. The features of diamond that should be taken into account are the cut, clarity, colour and carat. After that, it is time to decide upon the shape and size. Numerous choices are available here as given below:

  • Shapes with their exceptionalities: The diamond may be cut in any and every kind of shape, each giving a unique look and feel on the finger.
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These include a shining silhouette that gives an ecstatic glow when it is worn on the finger. It can be exact round shaped too, the classic highly polished diamond. Then there is the heart-shaped diamond, which undoubtedly, is the best choice for engagement rings. Cushion-shaped diamonds are very particular with its colour and glow reflecting capacity. Pear-shaped diamonds make the fingers look thinner and longer. Apart from these, there are attractive oval-shaped diamonds and the grand princess cut, which means a spectacular square or rectangular cut.

What matters most in determining the diamond shapes is the length to width ratio that is maintained in manufacturing these rings.

  • The wide range of sizes: The size of a diamond depends on many factors, such as the shape, cut or carat that define a diamond. It also has to adjust with the various kinds of finger sizes. Above all, the size should be adapted to its shapes in such a way, that the brilliance and radiance is enhanced to the maximum.
  • Other factors to take into account: It is wise to take care of factors such as the design of a diamond ring, along with the shape and size too, while buying. Sometimes, couples may also choose paired diamonds, where the ring will comprise of two diamond pieces, joined luminously to complete the shape form. Last but not the least, the setting is also very vital. These diamond rings come in broadly two types of settings, namely, prong setting and halo setting. The latter is always a more womanly choice, owing to the solace it offers along with its simplicity.
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It is always an exceptional feeling to show someone, how much you love him or her. Jewels, more specifically, diamonds, are said to adorn woman and an addition to her gorgeousness.