Tips To Buy Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

Wholesale fashion jewelry is a profitable way to earn a living and a challenging one with fashion trend come and go with the change of seasons. You must follow some guidelines to maintain a good hold of your market as well as keeping a good profit and if possible, expand your company. The key is to find a reliable vendor and the most efficient way to buy fashion jewelry at wholesale price. It is also important to remain updated before you buy wholesale if you don’t want to left with bulk of stocks that already outdated. Below are some tips that can give you guidelines before you buy fashion jewelry in wholesale.

 1. Know your vendor

You need to do a complete research about the vendor before you buy fashion jewelry from them in bulk. How is their product quality? Do they have a legal license and do you need vendor’s license to sell their product? Is there any paperwork required? Make sure that you already know all the requirements before you make a deal. Also, to get the best price, often you need to buy the fashion jewelry from other country even overseas. Every country have different regulation of importing their commodity, you need to learn about their regulation beforehand to avoid any trouble in shipping or payment later.

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Tips To Buy Fashion Jewelry Wholesale
 2. Currency matters

If you dealing with foreign seller, tax and currency is a very important thing to determine your selling price later. Remember that currency is not a fixed thing and taxes can also change time to time according government regulation. Take time to read global news and worldwide economy movement before making your wholesale fashion jewelry purchase. Every vendor and country have their own payment terms, some accept PayPal or credit card, but sometimes they charge you extra depend on your country of origin.

 3. Safety and shipping

Buying fashion jewelry wholesale mostly will require shipping. You have to choose your courier very wisely. What is the cheapest courier? Do they save? How long the delivery will be? Is there any insurance? These are basic things you need to know before you pick the courier. Also, since you buy fashion jewelries, you have to make sure the vendor will pack your things safely and carefully. Some of the jewelries will be very delicate and breakable, find way they can be insured. You don’t want to deal with bunch of return goods, which will require a lot of paperwork and negotiation.

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4. Product understanding

If you plan to look for good quality fashion jewelry wholesale with a low price, you need to have a very detailed knowledge on jewelry. Know the terminology and the quality of jewelry; educate yourself on how they are made and the materials. Each metal and gemstone has different stage of quality which makes their price different. A raw diamond in bigger carat is much cheaper price than cut diamonds in smaller one. Understand the type of fashion jewelry very well before you contact the vendor and don’t be afraid to ask question. For finer fashion jewelry, it would be better if you can visit the vendor beforehand and meet the owner personally.

 5. Reviews is Important

One reason to buy fashion jewelry wholesale is to get a cheaper price as possible. China is widely known as country with a lot of cheap product, but they also very incredible in terms of making knock-off. Read your vendor reviews carefully before you buy from them. You are going to buy in a great quantity, it is sensible to be picky in choosing your business partner. Don’t be fooled by online catalog great picture, if you are not sure about the product, contact the seller and ask for guaranty.

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  6. Decide your Target Market

As buyers for wholesale fashion jewelry, the most significant thing is creating some marketing strategies to sell your stocks. Don’t try to buy the first piece that catch your attention but consider other opinions and try to look as much as possible in other place.  Try to buy items that are timeless in terms of style and durable. Buying items that are hot in trend might bring good profit for your sale, but when the trend changes you have to deal with leftover stocks.