Emotional Intelligence – A Necessity To Excel

Intelligence refers to someone’s ability to learn, understand, analyze and to think logically. It has also been connected with the IQ of an individual. It is something that lawyers have in abundance. But today emotional intelligence is something that is more in need or that should be inhabited by them as every human being is a composition of a different set of emotions. Emotional intelligence is the understanding of one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of other people, differentiating and applying them.

Emotional Intelligence - A Necessity To Excel

Lawyers have a direct connection with these emotions in their profession as their main priority is their clients, with whom they interact on daily or hourly basis. Being humans themselves also, they have to be aware of and deal with the emotional aspect, which is an essence of it.

Emotional intelligence, today is the need for lawyers because of several reasons as it not only helps them in their own personal issues and growth but along with this it gives them an edge over their competitions and other areas as-

  • Every other lawyer uses anger, irritation, frustration, disagreement and intimidation among others, which are more of a negative and loud set of emotions. But it doesn’t set them apart from others. They are all one and the same in this exchange of emotions. These are some aspects which are dominating and sets their course without proving their uniqueness.
  • The lawyers who are more understanding and in conformity with the emotions of their clients have an edge over their counterparts as they have more intrinsic knowledge of their clients. In result of which, they know their clients’ needs and can serve them to their satisfaction.
  • The most difficult clients, that are mostly dissatisfied, can be also won by emotional intelligence as they are harboring some kind of emotional issues that are not dealt with or are left untouched. These people will become rather conducive as a connection have been forged with them.
  • A long term relationship can be formed with clients not only that are already in cordial relationships with us but those also who weren’t by getting to know and understand their underlying emotions by creating a leverage of emotional understanding and implementation.
  • Being aware of your emotional quotient makes you far more adaptable to various situations and circumstances in your personal and professional life. Adaptability here refers to making yourself adjustable to various factors as in client, personal life, colleagues along with many other scenarios.
  • An emotionally intelligent person is always  a balanced out person. He knows all about his strengths and weaknesses,  emotional nature and provides self-help in relaxing, controlling his emotions accordingly..
  • A person rarely works alone, therefore is in constant companionship with a different set of people with varying emotions. The whole team can only succeed when every individual respects each other and gives each other an emotional security and understanding.
  • A career advancement is possible when one is surrounded with an amazing team, satisfied clients and a balanced out personal life and that is only possible when you are in emotional understanding of all the three.

Emotions are something that is dwelling in everyone but emotional intelligence is something when one is able to understand oneself as well as others and according to which can differentiate, label and work them out in the most effective manner. Lawyers deals with cases which are all about laws, rules and regulations. But not only those, they also have underlying and undercurrent set of emotions that  are a part and result of the cases they deal with, which in turn affects them and their surrounding people like their family members and clients.

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