Freeing From The Painful Clutches Of Arthritis! Natural And Home Remedies To Ease Your Knee Pain

Arthritis is more or less joint inflammation. Your joints become stiff and you can feel stiffness while moving around or performing routine tasks. These joints can be anywhere. They could be joints of your fingers, elbows or knees.

Freeing From The Painful Clutches Of Arthritis! Natural And Home Remedies To Ease Your Knee Pain

Common symptoms of Arthritis

  • Feeling sored and stiff joints
  • Inability to climb stairs or over around freely
  • Cracking and popping of bones

During this issue, the pain levels may vary. It could be moderate for years and then suddenly it can seem chronic. Not only this but, it may worsen over the period of time. It is, unfortunately, one such disease that cannot be cured completely. But it can be nursed with various techniques.

Common hitting areas

One area where arthritis commonly hits is knees. Knee pain from arthritis is one of the most common kinds of pain that people suffer from. The pain may hinder you from doing routine activities and in turn making everyday life a challenge.

At times, it also changes the shape of the joints, leaves them permanently deformed. If the pain, you feel, is low or moderate then it can be kept in check by various methods.

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They are listed below.

  • Exercising: Exercising regularly to keep your joints moving can also help in relieving arthritic pain. But only such exercise should be done that helps in maintain the movements without adding pressure to your joints. Exercise such as walking and running may indeed prove harmful because such stress bearing activities puts a load on knees. In lieu of these activities, swimming, water aerobics, a range of motion and tai chi can help reduce weight and may relieve you from pain to a certain extent. Exercise, when conducted under supervision or after consulting a physician, may prove more beneficial.
  • Hot and cold treatment: Taking hot shower helps you relieve stiffness of joints. You can also use an electric blanket or moist heating pads to ease the pain. On the other hand, for a quick relief use cold treatments such as gel ice pack or a packet of frozen vegetables. This will have in reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • Adding Turmeric in daily diet: Turmeric, an Indian spice, contains curcumin which helps in reducing the arthritic pain. It is quite well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Add a dash of it to your daily dishes to lessen the pain.
  • Losing weight: Losing weight not only helps you maintain overall health but also reduces the extra pressure that your knees have to bear. When a person loses the moderate amount of excess weight, he/she can avoid degeneration of cell tissues and hence slow down the process of immobility. Pain relief for arthritic knees be a slow process but losing weight surely has its advantages.
  • Acupuncture: World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended acupuncture as a cure for many diseases. It helps in reducing the pain caused by arthritis. Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into specific parts of the body to lessen the pain.
  • Massage: Who knows that getting a massage not only relieves them from mental and physical stress but also from the arthritic pain. It helps you loosen up your muscles and eases the stiffness around the joints
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Well, these are some natural remedies to help you ease the pain. But remember, prevention is better than cure. Balance your lifestyle to live a better and healthy life.