How The Domain Name Affects Your SEO

There was a time when search engine optimization was an easier thing, a website’s domain name had huge impact on its ranking. People used to buy domain names a little longer then the keyword and at that time this was enough to get high ranking on search results. But today, things have changed, but domain name has its impact on SEO. So, the question now arises how domain name affects your Toronto SEO.

How The Domain Name Affects Your SEO

History of SEO

In 2012 people were expecting the end of the world. However, the changes made by Google did shake the digital world especially of domain names. This was because many professional SEO Toronto tried to augment and improve search marketing by presenting their weak websites. Most of these sites did not have rich content that would actually be ranked. Just a few web pages with lots of keywords stuffed.

How domain name impacts your SEO today

There are a lot of SEO companies providing services right from technical SEO to social marketing along with strong content as well as paid search campaigns. Today, the approach has changed, but the theory remains the same. So, your goal should be to provide quality content and answers to the question. It is important to follow the best practices of Toronto SEO and avoid making anything sour.

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Remember, people do a lot of things, but domain name is something which is exclusively yours and no one can copy it. So, you need to make sure that your domain name is sending the right signals to get best value. In fact, a domain when selected and used prudently incorporates brand signals and relevancy signals. All the online marketing strategies including ads and paid search also work well when the domain name is wisely chosen and used. The SEO company that you have chosen for your promotion will take care of all this and also enlighten you especially if you contact one before finalizing your domain name.

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Domain name and management of your reputation

If there is anything negative related to your search, Google might display that too along with your website. However, you would definitely like to hide that and for this you can make use of the right keywords also while working out strategies of Toronto SEO.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting domain name

  1. Try to pick a .com extension because with the growing importance of brand, this rule might have some valid reasons attached.
  2. Keep the domain name short. Ideally it is better to have it less than 15 characters.
  3. Choose the domain name that is memorable, which is pretty obvious when seeing the popular brands.
  4. Avoid exact keyword matching domain names and try to keep the brand name first and then the keyword.
  5. Avoid using special characters in the domain name.
  6. Don’t use more than one domain.
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Always keep in mind that domain names help develop more trust and make your brand memorable as well. When Toronto SEO along with domain combines, you get more direct traffic, higher link values and increased credibility. So, back it up with solid online marketing strategy.

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