How to Build Zcash Mining Rig on Your Own

If you have decided to try Zcash mining, it can probably get you good returns. To make it more lucrative and feasible, you must consider building your own Zcash mining rig. One significant edge that you get with Zcash over other cryptocurrencies is its feature of anonymity.

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Build your own rig: 

Zcash is one of the most promising and reliable digital currencies to mine as on date. To get the maximum yields in a fast manner, you must invest in the right Zcash mining rig. Although it may take a while for you to build it, it is more convenient and affordable than investing huge amounts on ready to use hardware that is available in the market.

What hardware components you require: 

There are many factors you must consider when building your own Zcash mining rig. It is recommended you make your investments keeping future requirements in mind. You can get the hardware from most of the top online stores.

#1 Motherboard: The motherboard, though an important factor of the computer is not the important factor so far as mining is concerned. What you must check in a motherboard are PCI-E slots that it has. The number of PCI-E slots will determine the GPUs it can house. If a motherboard has three PCI-E slots it can hold 3 graphics cards. Go ahead and buy a motherboard like Asrock-H81 Pro BTC that comes with 6 GPU slots or if you are confident of your mining you could even go for the Asrock-H1 10 Pro BTC +13 GPU mining motherboard. This will allow you to keep adding more GPUs as your mining capacity increases.

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#2 Graphics cards: This is a crucial and important component. GPUs are put under severe stress while the mining is on so make sure it is the latest and highly durable.  Check the hashrate online before you purchase. It is important that you ensure the GPUs don’t get overheated. They are available in different price ranges today and you could select one that fits your budget. When investing on graphics cards, you must consider the power it consumes. Power efficiency can have an impact on your profitability. Some of the best GPUs for Zcash mining rig include Zodiac 6-1060, MSI GTX 1080, NVidia GeForce GTX 1070.

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It is also advisable to keep a GPU Riser. This could be useful if you have low slot GPUs or could be used in case the motherboards and GPUs are not fitting in properly.

#3 CPU: CPUs are not important for mining. Look for ones that support the motherboard well. You need do any high investment on CPUs since the main mining is done by the GPUs.

#4 RAM: A 4 GB RAM would be more than sufficient.  RAMS again are not of much necessity in mining. Even if you buy a higher RAM, it will not improve the efficiency or speed up the mining.

#5 Hard Drives: Instead of hard disk drives, it is recommended, you use SSDs (Solid State Drives). They improve the speed and the transfers can be done faster saving you plenty of time. They consume lower power than the HDDs.

#6 Power supply: PSUs are an important component. You must determine the power consumption of the GPUs while purchasing the PSUs. A low watt PSU can burn the mining rig. They are available in a variety of ranges and costs.

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#7 Open frame case: The frame must be big enough to hold all the components of your Zcash mining rig. You could leave them in the open, buy it online or build one on your own.

Other factors that you must decide upon is which operating system (Linux or windows) you intend to use and if you wish to mine solo or join a pool.

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