Kicks That Signifies Utter Joy

In this world of smartphones and internets, technology is advancing like a bullet train. From small to big, everything we can have in our fingerprint using internet and technology. Medicine and therapy is not an exception to the boons of the technology. Being a mother of a beautiful child is achieving the most priced experience in every girl’s lifetime. Most of the to-be-mothers anxiously wait for the first flutter of the baby, just to reassure the baby’s development and growth. Mostly in between 18th to 25th week of gestation, moms begin to feel their baby’s movement. This event gives the mother as well as the family great joy.

Kicks That Signifies Utter Joy

Significance of the kick

For the first couple of weeks it is really difficult for the mother to feel the real thing, but soon enough, the particular pattern of this event will make the mother aware of the baby’s sleeping as well as waking activities along with any other  movement within her ovary . This movement comes with a lot of significance. This may help to identify many potential problems and therefore helps to prevent stillbirth. Therefore it is strongly recommended for counting kicks during pregnancy at the onset of 28th week, mainly for the high risk ones.

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Counting Kicks during pregnancy

There are many ways to count baby’s movements. It is recommended that you if a mother can feel at least of 10 flutter, kicks, rolls within two hours’ time the baby is considered to be safe and with heathy growth and development. It is suggested to start a notebook to maintain the charts at various time intervals with specific numberings. From the first movement to be felt the check mark should be placed until number 10 is reached with exact time of those movements. This helps to notice a particular pattern and also to discover the particular time interval of this movement. By this chart any deviation any day to the movement cycle and amount can be checked upon. However there can be a wide range of differences to the schedule and those deviations that should not be taken lightly and should be immediately reported to the respected physician.

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Pregnancy kick Counter

Nowadays a far more advanced and automated pregnancy kick counter instruments are available in the market and also online that can keep the record more efficiently. A mother just need to sit or sleep in a suitable relaxing posture and the moment it starts the instrument should be put to action straightaway. Different mobile apps are also available for Android, Windows and Mac mobile systems that can be easily downloaded from respective websites. Electronic system more efficiently keeps the record of the event. Electrical wrist bands are also available that can detect and sense each and every tiny flutters of the baby and simultaneously record it and these are very easy to use also.

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Finally counting baby’s movements is one of most joyful and perfect way for the mother as well as the family to bond with their little one. It’s safe and very simple way that helps to prevent pregnancy related complications, including stillbirths. So every mother-to-be should take some time out to relax spend some time and connect with the little nugget as it could just save their life.

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