How to Correctly Deal With Workplace Injuries As A Business Owner

Running your own business can be an incredible venture to take on with an incredible amount of rewards. However, that prosperity doesn’t come without its fair share of risk. One of the most common issues that business owners will face is workplace injuries. Having an employee injure themselves at the workplace can bring many legal problems to your doorstep. So, how should you react to an injury? The following includes some of the most important steps to keep in mind during this type of situation.

How to Correctly Deal With Workplace Injuries As A Business Owner

Seek Medical Attention ASAP

Watching an employee injury themselves for something that your company may or may not have been at fault in can be shocking. However, this is no time to start thinking about the financial implications of the matter. Instead, your focus should be on bringing them medical attention. Avoiding or dragging your feet during this step can lead to a very negative light being placed on you in court.


After the employee has been given the proper medical attention, you may then focus on ensuring that everything is documented. This usually involves filing a report that includes the time, location, and statements of witnesses involved. Adding as much accurate detail as possible may help you in the event that your employee files a lawsuit against you.

Workers’ Compensation

If an employee deems that they cannot return to work due to physical or mental injury, you may be contacted by your workers’ compensation insurance company. Workers’ comp will usually contact you in order to request information about the employee. It should be noted that you must never provide any information to a personal injury lawyer who is claiming to represent the employee. All documentation should only be processed through the workers’ comp department.

Employee Return Procedure

After all legal matters are closed and your employee can come into work, it is important to do a few things. First, it’s incredibly important to provide them with a welcoming workplace environment free from any negativity or retaliation from yourself or your management team. In fact, this can lead to further legal issues against your business. The last step includes fixing any and all issues that caused the accident in the first place.

As you can see from the information above, there are a number of critical steps to take after an employee injures themselves. It is highly recommended not to wait until accidents happen to go through the procedure. Crafting a plan is always your best bet for seeing a favorable outcome for everyone involved.