How To Find A Child Custody Attorney

Custody cases are usually tricky. We are dealing with a highly emotional issue where both parties would fight a bitter war to win. An important person in this legal process is the child custody attorney. Given the importance of custody cases, it is imperative that we select an extremely competent lawyer. Here are our tips to find the best child custody attorney Ft Lauderdale:

Where to look

The first question is where you should start looking. Start by asking among family and friends for recommendations. A personal recommendation is always a preferred choice. You can also ask strangers like court clerks, child support office and other parents in similar situation. The state bar association is another place to look for a custody lawyer. Sometime single parents in the community will know about lawyers with good reputation. You can also check the attorney directory.

How To Find A Child Custody Attorney

How much to pay

It is important to clarify the payment structure for the case. Some lawyers work with a retainer ship, some charge by the hour and so on. It is important that all these issues are hashed out, particularly if the case is likely to drag on (and there is no reason why we should assume otherwise). If you lack the funds, the court will appoint an attorney to represent you.

Check the experience

Experience always counts. While experience in custody cases is essential, it would be an added bonus if the attorney has experience in cases similar like yours. Custody cases really straddle a wide gamut of scenario and someone who has dealt with similar cases will be better able to predict how such cases are perceived in the court and accordingly adopt a winning strategy.

Personal equation

You lawyer will be your best friend in the next few years. In Florida, the court awards custody on the basis of what is best for the child and your lawyer has the experience to gauge where you fall on that scale. In many ways you will be depending on his/her wisdom. So, while you do not have to personally like your lawyer, you do need to have a clear equation and trust in him/her. The lawyer must answer your questions truthfully, honestly and give you a clear picture.

Finding a competent child custody attorney Ft Lauderdale will affect you and your childs future. So, take your time and find the best lawyer you can.

Olivia Rs