Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman- Interesting Facts About Rain

Rainfall is welcomed after hot summers however storms and hurricanes are accompanied with rain and this of course is not a pleasant experience at all. When it comes to rainfall, you will find that rainfall is the direct result of the water and wind cycle of the Earth with the Sun playing a part. Weathermen forecast weather and one of the general queries that people wish to find out is whether there is sun or rain on the next day?

Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman- understanding rainfall and how it occurs

Jim Byrne is a popular and well-known meteorologist and he was the chief meteorologist with KCOY CBS-12 in the USA. The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team have been responsible for making many accurate forecasts when it comes to weather patterns in the USA. He says that when it comes to rain, you will find that it occurs in two ways- a shower and a drizzle. The former is a heavy rain that falls down fast and lasts for a short time however a drizzle is light rain that can last for many hours.

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The speed of rain

He adds that rainfall or raindrops to be more precise can fall at a speed that ranges from 7-18 mph however with the force of the wind they have the tendency to fall faster. He says that you should be safe from flash floods. They take place when it rains a lot and the water rises fast. These floods are very dangerous and they kill more individuals in the USA more than lightening, earthquakes and tornadoes. Most of the weather forecasts and reports generally use the Doppler radar to detect hail, rain and storms. This tool helps meteorologists understand the amount of moisture coming as well as speed of the wind.

He also adds that people believe that rain contains just water. This is not true. Rain contains much more than water and this can include dust, insects, grass and even chemicals as well.

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The amount of rain depends upon the place you live in

The amount of rain depends upon where you stay. He says that Hawaii gets more than 63 inches of rain approximately every year and this makes it one of the rainiest states in the USA. Nevada, on the other hand is one of the driest states in the USA. The states in the West are dry and the places that are located in the South and the East Coasts of the USA get the most rainfall.

The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team says rain takes place when the warm air rises and with it the water droplets form. These water droplets are small and cold if the air blows inwards. You will find that the presence of mountains also make the water rise and this is why rainfall takes place there more than other areas. They say that when the water droplets are formed in the air they form clouds. With the aid of gravity, they fall back to the Earth in the form of rainfall.

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