How to Make Your Bride’s Wedding Ring One Of A Kind

If you’re about to get married, then you’ve surely found yourself in a truly special relationship. Such a unique and magical connection deserves a wedding ring that is just as distinctive. Instead of buying any old ring, you should consider creating a one-of-a-kind specimen. Here’s how you can give your bride the special ring she deserves.

How to Make Your Bride’s Wedding Ring One Of A Kind

Find the Right Jeweler

Your first step is to find a jeweler that sells custom wedding rings. Some smaller places will only offer what they have under the counter. Finding a shop that can customize the ring gives you many more options. All the other items on this list will only work if you go through the right jewelry. Try asking friends and relatives if they have any experience ordering custom rings. If you can’t get any first-hand advice, then you can continue your investigation on the internet.

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Add a Colorful Diamond

A colorful diamond will give the ring a distinct aesthetic, setting it apart from the standard rings on sale. There are many colors available, and the jeweler should be able to show you what they have in stock. While it’s tempting to leave the color of the diamond as a surprise, you might consider asking your fiancé what they prefer. That way, you’ll be sure the ring matches their tastes.

Include Multiple Types of Metal

While a typical wedding ring uses just gold or silver in the band, you can make your own specimen more unique by combining both of them in a single band. This creates a different aesthetic that is sure to drive your fiancé wild. It also creates more opportunities for distinctive designs, since the two metals can intertwine and interact in all sorts of exciting ways.

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Go Vintage

Nowadays, wedding rings are usually sleek and simple. Back in the day, women preferred more intricate, baroque designs with lots of engraved details. If your bride enjoys older styles and intricate styles, then a vintage ring might be perfect for them. You don’t have to find a ring that’s actually centuries old. If you’re having the ring custom made, then all you’ll have to do is ask the jewelry to use a vintage style.

Instead of trying to be like all the other couples, why not celebrate what makes your relationship unique? By crafting a special customized wedding ring, you’ll set an important tone for your relationship: What you share is truly one-of-a-kind.