Fashionista Is Not All About Money

As in this age we all are striving to be a fashionista and try new outfits and go for a new style statement. But the problem we might face is the money!!!! Well it’s not a shame if you don’t have enough money. Most of us don’t have, we can’t afford a hundred dollar outfit for every party or every eve we want to go out. For this we do shopping via credit card, but there is a limit to credit you can use as well. So the problem remains the same and remains on the top of the list. What to wear? This is a common problem with all the girls and all females throughout the globe. As I said being a fashionista is not all about money, it is about many other things as well.

If you have a good dressing sense then you will know what to wear but what if you don’t have enough clothing? You might have seen Beyonce wearing studded leggings. Well the leggings are back in fashion, but one problem we face with studded ones is the cost. So why you don’t try studded leggings wholesale they can be bought in colors and different stud design. The beauty of studded leggings is that they can be styled with almost everything. Beyonce is the one who introduced leggings back by wearing them with a white top, her leggings were silver studded and the top complimented the color of studs. This completed the look she wants to achieve. She also added back glasses and a white and black Prada bag.

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Fashionista Is Not All About Money

So it is your choice to achieve the look you want with the studded leggings. Buying studded leggings wholesale is an excellent choice, because apart from being inexpensive they are also very stylish and in fashion these days. So they are excellent choice in a very low budget.

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Other option for styling is to style different outfits with shoes and heels. Changing the top and shirt will make the outfit changes totally and will give a proper definition to your look. Another property of tights is that they tuck the tummy in as they are elastic so they will keep your body properly toned up. They are ideally worn during exercise and belle dance for the past decades and their demand hasn’t decreased. We all were shocked to see leggings back in fashion but one thing that must be kept in mind is that leggings are not solo outfit. They need to be paired with different accessories and different tops. They shouldn’t be confused with denims; they can’t be worn with small tops. These are basic tips that will help you to follow legging guide. Leggings must be worn with top that reaches the butts or booties. They must be worn with rust and old funky jewelry and handbags not the shinning and new looking ones. Leggings must never be worn to work or professional women as they draw a lot of attention to your legs.