How to Properly Choose and Store Ammo For Your Guns

There are so many reasons why people have guns. It could be you are an avid hunter, gun enthusiast, or willing to protect yourself and your properties from vandalism. Regardless of the reason why you own a gun, you will always have a stash of ammunition to make everything work. However, the same way you would want to protect your guns, you should always treat your ammunition with equal measure. Ammunitions are expensive, which is why you would want to store them properly. But before you know how to store ammunition, you should first buy one that matches your needs.

How to Properly Choose and Store Ammo For Your Guns

Ammo Type

When choosing ammunition for target shooting, you should choose one with a bullet portion fully encased in metal. However, if you are choosing ammunition for personal defense or hunting, you should go for a cartridge with a hollow point bullet. These kinds of ammunition have hollow tip hence will deform and stop once you hit the target. Since the most commonly used ammo in the US is 9mm, you may be planning to buy one. Therefore, if you are looking for a bulk 9mm luger ammo for sale, it’s important that you know the following ammunition storage tips to ensure its longevity, safety, and efficiency.

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Keep Ammunitions Cool and Dry

One of the key secrets of keeping your ammo safe is keeping them in a cool and dry environment. When the ammo is exposed to moisture, the chances of its powder getting contaminated are high. This can not only cause primer and firing failure. In addition, the ammunition should also be kept away from high temperatures and sunlight exposure. According to research, high temperatures are known to corrode cartridge casing. This can quickly affect the quality and integrity of your firearm and ammunition.

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Avoid Areas With Temperature Fluctuations

Most gun owners sometimes think that as long as the ammo is stored indoors, it’s safe. However, it’s not always the case. Places with temperature fluctuations can significantly affect the quality of your ammo. Therefore, avoid places such as basements, car parking, and open containers or under roofs. Look for places with consistent cool temperatures to improve the lifespan of the ammo. Also, exposure to sunlight UV rays can also degrade the quality of your ammunition. For this reason, it’s advisable that you store your ammo in an opaque container, closet, cabinets, or any other dark place.

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Ammunitions are always expensive to acquire. Therefore, once you have chosen the right one, it’s important you observe proper storage measures to ensure their safety and longevity. Ensure they are stored in a dry, cool, and dark environment.