How To Get A Girl’s Attention On FWB Dating Sites

If you are single and searching a FWB relationship, chances are that you are doing it online. Today’s technology has sent everyone online, and that’s where we shop and date nowadays. If you are a man, the truth is that you are among the many thousands trying to impress the same lady. So how do you make sure you win her attention? This is one of the issues that every man trying to date online is battling with. Therefore it is important that you use a unique approach so that you carry the day. Here are some of the FWB dating tips that will help you get her attention easily.

How To Get A Girl’s Attention On FWB Dating Sites

Online FWB sites allows you to run more than one relationship concurrently. If you are doing this, make sure it`s you only who knows about it. You can have two profiles.

Make Sure You Are Using Your Best Profile Picture

The picture says it all. Therefore, you should not have an online profile without an image of you. Most men will make mistakes and avoid including your profile picture. Be aware that she wants to your physical appearance and post your real picture. For the profile, it doesn’t have to be the full picture, it can be passport size. If you don’t want to share your picture with others online, you can use the custom setting to make sure those you don’t want to see the picture will not see it. Avoid sharing shirtless pictures, not everyone likes them. Unless she asks for the picture, then you can upload it and send to her.

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Answer the Nitty-Gritty Questions Women Ask

Don’t leave any blanks when she asks you questions. Ladies will ask all the questions you would not like to answer anyone, but just find an honest answer for her. That’s what they want, and therefore you should just fill all the questions and don’t look like you are avoiding. A secret that most men use here is they try to get control of the conversation when it starts. But as much as you may try, women are clever, and she will somehow find an opportunity to ask some questions your nursery school friends asked you. However, don’t get annoyed, just figure out an answer that looks honest with her.

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Appreciate Her Online

If you are chatting on live video, show that you noticed her hairstyle. If she just got her hair done, appreciate the look by mentioning it to her online. Don’t just keep quiet, you should know the things women want although they will not ask for them directly. The truth is that she will be waiting for that comment like a baby waiting to be breastfed. Therefore, always appreciate her new look. If she posts her new look online, at least be among the first people to like and comment. But don’t share!

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Don’t Look Like You Want Her So Much

Sometimes you should learn to ignore her and let her start the conversation. As long as you have done it the first and second time, let her start the conversation on some other times. This helps in breaking the monotony, and you also get a feeling that you can continue pursuing her.

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