How Website Design Can Affect SEO?

Website design can affect search engine optimization a lot. Whether it is the UX design or navigation, both matters a lot. Let’s first discuss about UX design and its effects on search engine optimization, and then the discussion will be done on other web design aspects and their effect on SEO.

How Website Design Can Affect SEO?

UX and SEO

Google has constantly cracked down on shady practices done in SEO. The crackdown intensity has increased in the last couple of years. In recent times, increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablet has changed the SEO landscape enormously. This is the first time ever that Google has come up with website content as per the mobile version exclusively. This is known as Mobile-first Index Update. The time is really ripe for making some serious changes in the website design so that your site gets responsive enough on the basis of device used. Whether a person is using Apple mobile products, Android products, or desktop, the website designs will fit different requirements. UX designers of leading search engine optimization company in India are adopting such measures so that the sites become more user friendly across devices.

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There has been a rise in virtual personal assistants world over. Some of the most popular names in this regard are Google Home and Amazon Echo. Search engines have started to behave more like personal assistants now and that’s the reason why UX or user experience has become a very integral part of SEO.

Google is updating its bots to behave more like normal users. This is the reason why the bots are visiting sites more like real users. That’s why user experience has become more important now and so is the UX design. UX design and their impact on search have become more evident now.

UX designers of search engine optimization companies in India are creating mobile friendly website designs so that overall performance of sites improves dramatically. They are also looking at the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) aspect along with the UX so that the businesses get more customers and not just viewers. In this end, Google has also introduced proprietary UX optimization platform which is called Optimize 360. This is giving serious competition to other UX optimization platforms such as Visual Web Optimiser as well as Optimizely. Such developments only indicate to the fact that there will be increased overlapping of user interface as well as search engine optimization in the future. In fact, this is the reason why search engine optimization companies in India are emphasising on UX design and more contextual website design, as per devices.

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Website Navigation Design and SEO

Website navigation also plays important role in search engine optimization. Menu structure is very important when it comes to guiding users to their destination. User experience will be better with the improved website navigation. With effective menu structure of the site, three things can improve dramatically and they are search rankings, increase in the total number of leads, and finally conversion.

Website navigation design’s effectiveness should be increased by making a priority list and implementing them accordingly. It must be kept in mind by the search engine optimization companies in India that the pages that provide high level information should be categorised as top level pages. The information in deeper pages becomes more specific in nature. Therefore, it can be said that lead can be nurtured as well as generated with effective website navigation design.

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Another navigation aspect that should be kept in mind is the availability of fewer page levels. This aspect makes the structure easier to comprehend and naturally increases user experience in a site.